Five ways to avoid spraying pesticides

The problem of spraying the wrong pesticides has occurred. How to avoid spraying the wrong pesticides? The Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian summed up: 1. It is necessary to pay attention to the strict distinction between herbicides , insecticides and fungicides from the app---

Seven common faults of displacement sensors

Displacement sensor, also known as a linear sensor, is a kind of linear device that belongs to metal induction. The function of the sensor is to convert various measured physical quantities into electric quantity. Commonly used displacement sensors are mostly analog ones, including potentiometer-ty---

How to install the basin in the bathroom basin

The washbasin is also a washbasin, which is commonly used in the bathroom. Some basins feel very comfortable to use, just right, and some of the bathrooms inside the basin are troublesome, not bending over, washing your face and backache, often splashing water on your body. The reason for this---

Exploration of Fluorite Refractory Structure

In the iron and steel industry, waste linings are extremely attractive. During this process, cyanide is destroyed by high temperatures. Carbon and fluorine are also used in the industry. The amount of fluorite is also decreasing. Certain economic value. Recycling in the cement industry The recycl---