Early autumn spinach management essence

   Soak seeds and germination, soak the seeds in a new high-fat film for 12 hours, soak them and then dry them to dry them. It can keep warm, moisturize and swell, improve the germination rate of seeds and make the seedlings strong. Repel underground pests and isolate viral infections---

Camera lens and housing maintenance method

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] The lens is the "window of the mind" of the digital video camera. The good lens can ensure high-fidelity, high-contrast images. Since the lens of the digital video camera is difficult to replace, and the maintenance cost is high, pa---

Key Points for Construction of Shotcrete Shotcrete

What are the main points for construction of shotcrete for tunnel spraying machine? Henan Haoli Spraying Machine introduces the key points of shotcrete construction for tunnel spraying machine. 1. When the shotcrete is used to spray concrete, the water-cement ratio and the amount of accelerator mus---