Elevator FAQ

1. How does the elevator work? The elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by a wire rope. The wire rope is driven by the traction of the driving device (the traction machine), so that the elevator car and the counterweight move up and down on the inner rail of the elevato---

How to use the refrigerator correctly

How to use the refrigerator: 1. How to use the refrigerator temperature compensation switch The Oaks household refrigerator is a wide- climate rechargeable refrigerator designed according to the characteristics of large temperature difference between the north and the south of China. In the c---

Ice jade shopping tips

Ice jade shopping tips: 1 look at the color. See if the color is pure, rich, even, and use a spotlight to check for hidden variegated colors. It is better for the color to be rich, pure, uniform, and the impurities are small. Emerald green has a higher price, followed by red and purple. In t---

Tube welding quality control

1. Analysis of barrel welding quality There are two pieces of 30894 cylinders. After the production, the welding quality of the first few processes reached 90%, and the welding quality of the circumferential weld of the barrel and the flange of the subsequent process showed large defects, and the ---