Modeling is the process of building a model: modeling: the process of building a system model. Also known as modeling. Modeling is an important means and prerequisite for researching systems. Any process that uses a model to describe the causal or interrelationship of a system is modeled. Introduc---

Stamping die design technology

According to the structure, the stamping die can be divided into three categories: single engineering mold, composite mold and continuous mold. The first two categories require more manpower than economic benefits, and the continuous model can be mass-produced with high efficiency. Similarly, desi---

Code security

Falsified by self-designed telephone calls. The falsification molecule will make the randomly fabricated code into the sealed anti-counterfeit mark, and apply for a special telephone number to affix the fake code mark on the counterfeit brand-name goods. When the consumer dials the inquiry call, t---


x unit is based on membrane separation, integrated material and cell disruption, homogenate filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, solvent distillation recovery, liquid distillation concentration, pure water production, membrane backwashing, column washing, fine purification---

Rust prevention

Prevents the surface protection of iron oxides or equipment from forming iron oxide; it can be achieved by coating, surface treatment, electroplating, chemicals, cathodic rust treatment or other methods. Overview Surface protection against the formation of iron oxide from iron components or equip---