Home decoration 6 big mistakes you have to!


Before the renovation, the owners will basically understand some of the relevant information. Whether they are searching the Internet or consulting with professionals, they always feel that they are half experts. However, when it comes to decoration, there are various things. A lot of times, because we understand related knowledge in decoration, some hear hearsay, it is inevitable that we will enter into some misunderstandings. So what are the common misunderstandings in decoration? Xiao Bian gave you today.

Misunderstanding 1: The paint has no taste is an environmentally friendly product

Some people say that the paint's environmental protection standard is no taste, in fact, this statement is wrong. Some paint manufacturers remove the taste of the paint by adding spices, and smell almost no taste. The environmental standards for coatings and paints do not rely on the smell of the nose. Choosing paint and building materials must firstly select a large brand with word of mouth and quality assurance, and then go to the brand's specialty store to conduct field visits. The most important thing is to ask the merchant to provide a formal environmental protection inspection certificate for the product.

Myth 2: The cause of cracking in the countertops of the cabinet is that the material is not qualified.

No matter what the material of the cabinet countertop is, there may be cracks in the countertop seam due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the material. If two different materials are combined, the possibility of cracking is greater. A liner of the same material can be added below the seam. The length of the liner and the width of the table are the same. The width of the liner is about 5 cm, which can reduce the possibility of cracking.

Myth 3: Wall cracking because of improper construction

Improper construction is one of the causes of wall cracking, but cracking of the wall may also be caused by other reasons. Deformation of the building itself, such as the subsidence of the building foundation; indoor temperature and humidity changes too much, will cause the wall (body) cracking phenomenon, the best way to prevent is to paint kraft paper or mesh cloth before painting, reducing the wall surface The possibility of cracking.

Decoration errors

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