What is an explosion-proof camera



Explosion-proof cameras are explosion-proof monitoring products. They are the cross product of the explosion-proof industry and the monitoring industry. Because the conventional camera products cannot be used in high-risk flammable and explosive sites, products with explosion-proof functions and relevant certificates issued by national authorities are required. Can be called an explosion-proof camera.

National standard

The national standard GB3836.1-2010, GB3836.2-2010, GB12476.1-2000, GB12476.2-2010 electrical equipment standards for explosive gas atmospheres. The development of this standard refers in a certain sense to the International Electrotechnical Commission's standards for electrical products used in explosive gas atmospheres, and it is established in some respects above this standard.

A lot of readers can't distinguish between explosion protection and riot protection. Even riot protection products are even used in high-risk areas where flammability is high. This practice has a very high risk factor, and even causes explosions to cause serious damage to people and property. Riot protection is anti-violence, vandalism, or impact resistance. This type of product has a relatively rigid outer shell and does not have the performance and certification of explosion-proof electrical appliances. These are two completely different products.


1. Identity: whether the product submitted for trial is consistent with the manufactured product;

2. Traceability: The rationality and legitimacy of product design, production, review, sales, maintenance, and maintenance, and effective tracking and filing;

3. Legitimacy: The product's structure, function and quality control are within the national legal scope and quality supervision;

4. The above quality control procedures are all supervised and implemented by a nationally recognized inspection/supervising agency. Otherwise, they can orderly revoke the certificate and suspend production, and even pursue legal liabilities.

5. If quality supervision agencies do not have effective supervision and supervision, the accidents caused by certified company products are still subject to retrospective procedures and even pursue legal liability.

working principle

The working principle of the explosion-proof camera is to suppress the generation and occurrence of the four elements of the explosion, so that electrical products can still work normally in high-risk environments. The four elements of the explosion are:

First, the site has flammable gas, dust and mixture and constitute a certain concentration;

Second, the site has a full combustion reaction with oxygen and combustibles;

Third, the site has enough temperature to cause the mixture to react in oxygen;

Fourth, the on-site space is small enough to allow the burned heat to accumulate a certain concentration or even burst in a short time.

Any of the above four factors can be effectively controlled to prevent explosion.

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