How to prevent moisture from returning to the South


After the Spring Festival, the weather gradually warms up, and the pace of spring is getting closer and closer. While people warmly embrace the spring, a worry is slowly emerging. Back to the South! An "old friend" who has troubled friends living in the South. The return of the South, brings the temperature is also accompanied by humidity. The wet environment makes people very uncomfortable. How to deal with this "old friend"?

Humidity at home

The excessive humidity in the room has a great adverse effect on people's housing. From the perspective of people's influence, people living in wet homes for a long time are prone to rheumatism or aggravate the condition of patients with the original rheumatism. In addition, moist days are conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria and increase the chance of people suffering from various diseases. And for the house itself, the house will also be “sick”, and wet weather can easily cause problems such as mildew, walls, wallpaper, floors, furniture, etc., which will affect the life span of the home.

Prevent the entry of moist air

The dangers of wet weather are serious. To ensure that people and houses are protected from the effects of moisture, the first thing that must be explicitly considered is to prevent the damp air from entering the room.

1. Close the window sooner or later: to prevent the intrusion of moisture

When wet back to the south, remember to remember the windows in your home. Especially the south-facing and south-eastern windows do not give the opportunity for damp air to sneak into the room. The time to close the windows is every morning and evening. During these two periods, the air humidity is higher than in the afternoon. If the windows are not closed in time, the water vapor in the air will go into the room. The window opening time should be chosen to open the window at noon.

2, change shoes at the door: prevent the tide from the feet

To ensure that the home is dry in the South, the first step is to prevent the intrusion of moisture. In addition to windows, moisture can also be carried in from the door, especially through the soles of people. Therefore, it is advisable to change the shoes before entering the door, dry the soles of the shoes, or put newspapers or old clothes carpets on the doors, etc., so as to avoid taking water vapor from the outside into the room.

3, reduce the indoor and outdoor temperature difference: reduce water vapor condensation

People who have studied physics know that when moist air encounters low-temperature objects, it will condense into water vapor. Therefore, you can burn a pot of charcoal or put on heat sources such as a stove in a room to increase the room temperature so that water vapor cannot condense. However, this method requires attention to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and electricity accidents.

Back to the South to prevent moisture and small coup

1, the floor moisture

Back to the South, how does the corner of the ice-skating rink turn against moisture? Shop newspaper? NO, the wet newspaper is even more ugly than the slippery floor. A pot of warm salt water will solve the moisture problem of the floor.

Add a few tablespoons of salt in warm water. After the salt is fully dissolved, soak the mop in the salt water, wring it out, and start mopping the floor. The warm salt water will evaporate faster than the cold water, and the speed of the floor will be faster. The magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in the salt will absorb the moisture, prevent the water vapor from condensing on the ground, and the water will dry up and turn into small particles. The drying time has been extended.

2, bathroom moisture

The bathroom is the wettest place in the home. Usually wet is the same thing. When you return to Nantian, if you let the bathroom be wet, the wall of your bathroom will be moldy and it will have an unpleasant smell. Washing powder is a good helper for bathroom moisture.

Put the detergent into a small bag, poke a few holes in the bag, put it in the corner where you need to dehumidify, and the detergent will become a piece after absorbing water. Just take it and wash it, it is not wasted. Choosing scented laundry detergent will keep the bathroom dry and fresh.

At the same time, we must also open more exhaust fans. At the same time, we must remember to close the bathroom door and keep the floor of the bathroom dry as soon as possible. Sweep the water on the ground to avoid condensation.

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