I know that these five tears flow down, the original decoration waterproof is not so simple!


Recently, I often saw friends and friends on the Internet, forums, and postings to discuss the waterproofing of the decoration. Many of the owners still knew how to waterproof, but they still wanted to buy some brands of waterproof paint, brush it twice and then do it for 24 hours. Even if the closed water test is completed, it will be completed. As a home improvement editor, I said that if you think of Tucson in this way, it will not be easy to decorate and waterproof, and waterproof will not only be the ground of the bathroom, so today Xiaobian is going to work with you to decorate and waterproof those things. child! 1 kitchen waterproof kitchen is generally the most easy to ignore the place to do waterproof, and it happens to be the most commonly used water, the room with the most water line, is naturally the most important item in the waterproof project, because the vegetables will have different degrees of water overflow , This is the most likely to cause long-term accumulation of leaks in the gap, and the ground is full, the wall to do 0.3m, the back of the basin is full. Note: If the owner has done the whole cabinet, the basin has been made waterproof, the kitchen has no floor drain, and it is not necessary to waterproof, but the angle valve and the hose must be selected to be explosion-proof. 2 bathroom waterproof general old house, will not be very careful about the bathroom's waterproof, leading to the bathroom walls, long-term use down, mildew spots, wall peel off, mess. Therefore, the bathroom as a whole should be waterproof, the floor is full, horizontally brushed twice, and the wall is also brushed twice horizontally, but if the bathroom is divided wet and dry areas, that is, the boundaries of the shower and toilet is obvious, dry areas generally return To the wall 0.3m, the wet area is generally 1.8m, if there is a bathtub, the height of the wall adjacent to the bathtub shall be 30cm higher than the height of the bathtub. Note: If the wet and dry areas are not partitioned, the wall will always be back to the wall 1.8m. If the wall is a non-load-bearing light wall, the entire wall is full. 3 balcony waterproof In addition to kitchen and toilet waterproof, balcony waterproof can not be ignored, and now are popular decoration to change the balcony into a laundry room, washing machine is always on the balcony above, and in particular, some apartment balcony is still a storm leak on the outside, it is more necessary Do waterproofing to prevent rain and snow from seeping downstairs, and the windows of the enclosed balconies should also be treated with water. Note: Ensure that the slope of the ground is facing towards the floor drain, and ensure the smoothness of the floor drain. In the absence of the balcony sliding door, in order to ensure that the indoor floor is higher than the balcony, the height of the sill can be properly raised. 4 External Wall Waterproofing For apartment buildings, there is no need to consider external wall waterproofing. If you want to eliminate hidden dangers, you can apply waterproof paint on the interior walls (such as the Han-brand cement-based waterproof coating) before proceeding with renovation works. For the villa, waterproofing of the external walls may be required. The professional institutions and personnel should be selected for construction. Durable and anti-fouling materials should be selected. 5 floor heating, water separator waterproof Many families are nowadays like to install warm floor heating, warm winter use is really very comfortable, but if you do before the floor heating (here refers to water and floor heating) is best to do it again waterproof, cement mortar backfill after Do waterproof again. This varies from person to person, because the vast majority of the decoration of the owners will not do warm water, for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, do warm waterproof again and again, spend money to buy a peace of mind, there is nothing wrong. The water separator is generally set in the kitchen basin cabinet. In addition to the waterproof treatment at the place of installation, the separated floor heating coils need to be sealed with cement mortar and carefully on the inside when passing through the kitchen door rock. The waterproof treatment is done so as to prevent seeping under the floor in the living room or the like. Finally say two sentences
I hope Xiaobian finishing these can give you some references in the decoration to do waterproofing, so that parents can be less confused in the decoration, a more determined, is the biggest motivation for Xiaobian I tirelessly write the text, we see the next!

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