LCD large-screen mosaic how to prevent static electricity?


When the climate is dry, static electricity is generated between objects. For electronic components such as liquid crystal splicing, excessive static electricity means excessively high electrostatic voltages, which can also interfere with the display effect of large screens. In severe cases, even without Display signals, etc. Due to the direct contact and indirect contact between the human body and related components, the liquid crystal splicing display screen generates static electricity in the actual production process. Therefore, in fact, if you want to prevent and solve the interference caused by static electricity on the large-screen LCD panel, you must first understand the reasons, and then find ways to prevent static electricity.

1. Separate the line and the line to check whether the various connection lines of the LCD splicing screen are separated. Generally, when the LCD product is installed, a distinction will be made. The clear investment engineer will strictly separate the VGA line from the power line to avoid the accidental generation of the line. Unnecessary trouble, because the general VGA line is not shielded, it is easy to cause static electricity to go along with the power cord.

2. Check whether the device is grounded. Check whether the device is grounded. The so-called grounding is to discharge static electricity directly to the earth through the wire. This method is simple, low-cost, and effective. It is the most direct and effective method for preventing static electricity.

3. Is it necessary to check whether the insulation protection measures are damaged or not, and whether the insulating stencil is used to treat the LCD splicing screen and the connection zone with the metal and the power supply, or whether the insulating tape is damaged, and the insulation between the two is not generated. Now.

4. Routine maintenance In the dry spring, try not to use the finger-point screen, to prevent the screen itself from being scratched, and second, to reduce the friction between the screen and the human body, usually use a special lotion to scrub, in addition to dust at the same time This reduces the generation of static electricity.

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