Khan steam room design decoration to eliminate fatigue is the key


In recent years, the sweat steaming rooms on the market have mushroomed in the streets, which indicates that people pay attention to health; it also indicates that people welcome steaming. What kind of problems do you need to pay attention to in the Khan Steam Pavilion design?

Khan steaming hall design decoration problem

1. Basic overview of the steaming room

Khan steaming hall is a new development mode of bath room. He was sent from Korea to China. It originated from a long time ago Khan steamed, and then slowly developed to today's steaming technology, it uses High-tech inside, using advanced equipment for a total steam control, allowing consumers to experience a good sense of comfort. It is passed through the high temperature, and then renders the body's temperature, allowing the cells in the human body to perform an aerobic exercise. This kind of sub-cell exercise will make our body healthier, it will reduce the incidence of many of our diseases, let our body's The immunity will get a big boost.

2. Khan steam room renovation program

The existence of the Khan Steam Pavilion is to allow people living under this pressure to release their own opportunities, as well as to increase the health of people. Therefore, we should try our best to carry out a humanized design in the decoration of the steaming room, so that we will give our consumers a more comfortable environment. In addition to considering consumer comfort, we also need to consider the safety of steaming rooms. We must increase as much as possible in the design of the program to escape the means of escape after accidents, so we must not occupy the space in the renovation program.

3. Khan steaming decoration notice

First, pay attention to consumer comfort considerations. In order to solve this problem, we must select some mild materials as much as we can during the decoration process. This will give consumers a special feeling of warmth and relaxation, and let them experience steaming. The process is more comfortable. Second, we consider it for security. When we choose the decoration materials, we must pay attention to the ingredients of the decoration materials. We must not allow them to volatilize toxic substances at high temperatures. Otherwise, they will affect the physical safety of the consumers, and they must choose some properties when choosing. Stable material.

The benefits of sweat steaming hall

1. Effectively purify the environment in the body and expel body contaminants.

2. To clear the meridians, improve the function of the human body and enhance the human immune system;

3, improve the immune system, activate human cells, anti-inflammatory sterilization;

4, has to reduce fat, bodybuilding, weight-loss role.

5, regulate and improve hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis embolism, and delay the occurrence of its disease;

6, whitening, blemish, wrinkle, emollient, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity, make skin smooth and delicate, with the increase of cell activity, remove pigment, delay aging;

7, promote blood circulation, improve sleep, ease the pressure of work and life;

8, change the sub-health state;

What are the matters that concern the management of the steaming gym?

1, disinfection and cleaning every day. Every morning, we must thoroughly disinfect every corner of the steaming room. When cleaning the steaming room, do not use irritating detergents and detergents with large odors. Do not clean with water. Use a towel.

2, ready in advance to open the business. To open the door every day, we must prepare the work in advance. We must turn on the heating equipment in the steam room two hours before the business hours. Since the customers will directly experience the steaming, we need to allow the customer to save more steps and come directly to experience the sweat. steam.

3. Take each and every guest seriously, and smile to face customers. Treat each customer as their own food and clothing parents, and eager customers are eager to think of customers.

4. When encountering the concept of customer conflict with the concept of Khan steaming house, for example, some customers blindly want the temperature of the steaming room to be high, which is already more than forty-five degrees. The customer explained that we were in a steaming room and it was different from the sauna. The best temperature in the steaming room is between 42-45 degrees. This temperature is the best for everyone's body. If you feel no sweat, you can drink more water.

Summary: The above is the content of the design and decoration of the Khan steaming museum introduced by Xiao Bian. We hope that we can effectively help everyone. For more information, please pay attention to this site.

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