Buying a safe must-see book


Buying a safe must-see book Before you choose a safe, you must first understand your needs.
1. Calculate the approximate amount and required capacity of the deposited items.
2, select the desired function (fire, anti-theft or both).
3, a detailed understanding of product warranty and after-sales service is sound.
4. Select the placement location based on product weight and safety considerations (suggested to coordinate with business personnel for exploration).
5, ordering safes, prepayments and negotiating delivery dates.
6. After the safe is delivered, confirm that the product specifications are in compliance with the warranty book and the original certificate and complete the acceptance.
1. Types of anti-theft safes Anti-theft safes are defined in the standard as non-normal access to cabinets equipped with mechanical and electronic locks (including coded locks, IC card locks, etc.) under specified conditions within a specified time. According to the safety level is divided into: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C a total of 6 categories, A1 minimum security level, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools and grinding heads and these tools used in conjunction with each other, in the net work Open the door within 15 minutes or create a 38 square centimeter hole in the cabinet door or cabinet. Class C has the highest level of safety and should prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding heads and special portable power tools, cutting torches and explosives, opening doors within 60 minutes of net working time or causing damage to doors or cabinets. 13 square centimeters of through holes have a mass of not less than 450 kilograms.
2. Anti-theft safe purchase:
At present, most of the anti-theft safes on the market are A1 types. There are various shapes and styles of products. Consumers can purchase according to their needs. Regardless of the type of anti-theft safe products purchased, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects: :
1 The color of the exterior paint film (or spray film) of the anti-theft safe cabinet shall be uniform and uniform, and there shall be no obvious defects such as cracks, gowns, and spots.
2 Anti-theft safes with cabinet height ≤ 600 mm. The upper, right and left clearances of the cabinet door and door frame are ≤ 1.5 mm, and the lower clearance is ≤ 2 mm. The gap is too low to reduce the anti-theft performance.
3 When the quality of A type and B type anti-theft safe cabinets is less than 340 kg, instructions for fixing holes, fixing parts, and instructions shall be installed. Attention shall be paid and fixed in time according to the instructions.
4 anti-theft safes General door thickness of 8-10 mm, cabinet thickness of 6 mm or more, so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft, when buying should ask the store about the thickness of the steel plate.
3, the difference between anti-theft safe and anti-theft safe Anti-theft safe (box) is a special container, the country has strict requirements for the production of anti-theft safe (box), so at the time of purchase should have a preliminary understanding of these requirements .
The width, height and depth of the security safes are less than 450mm, 320mm and 300mm, respectively. They are characterized by their small size, light weight and certain anti-theft performance. It is convenient for transportation and installation. It is not easy to remove the thief because it is fixed to the ground or the wall through fixing devices such as expansion bolts. Inlaid anti-theft safes are embedded in the wall and have a certain degree of concealment. Anti-theft safes are more suitable for use in hotels and homes.
The size of the anti-theft safe is larger than the above-mentioned regulations, and the anti-theft performance is higher than the anti-theft safe. It is more suitable for use by agencies, enterprises and institutions. Anti-theft safes can be classified into three categories: A, B and C according to their protection performance. Among them, category C has the highest anti-theft performance and category A has the lowest. Most of the safes that are now found in shopping malls belong to category A anti-theft safes.
According to different password working principles, anti-theft safes (boxes) can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by relatively cheap prices and reliable performance. Most of the early safes (boxes) were mechanical safes (boxes). Electronic safes (boxes) are electronic locks such as electronic passwords, IC cards, and other intelligent control methods applied to safes (boxes). They are characterized by ease of use, especially when used in hotels, requiring frequent replacement of passwords. Electronic password safe (box) is more convenient.
Anti-theft safe (box) the most important thing is to have a vandal-proof function, but also with alarm and other functions. The State and the Police Department attach great importance to the quality of anti-theft safes (boxes). In Shanghai and Beijing respectively, the Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center of the Police Security and Alarm System, and the Security and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center of the Police Department were established. Responsible for the supervision and inspection of the production of anti-theft safes (boxes) throughout the country. Therefore, when consumers choose such products, they must purchase the products that have passed the inspection, so that the safe (box) can really play an insurance role.
4, to buy safes (boxes) must understand the following common sense:
1) Selection of steel plates: The thickness, material, and place of production of the steel plate are discriminated. These are related to the ability of the safe (box) to withstand the destruction of special tools such as electric drills, cuttings, and electric saws.
2) Molding and welding: This element relates to the clearance between the cabinet and the door and the door frame. If it is too large, the anti-smashing function will be weakened.
3) Anti-rust treatment: If this process is not handled properly, it will affect the appearance of the cabinet, and serious ones will cause functional damage.
4) Anti-theft mechanism: This element is also the biggest feature of the safe (box), because it can not be detected by the user in the box, but it is the key to prevent the technical opening.
5) Locks: If the anti-theft mechanism is a surface, the lock is the most important point, as destroying the locks and imitating the keys will destroy the heart of the anti-theft mechanism.
6) Auxiliary spare parts: The processing of spare parts must ensure the reliability of their performance to cope with the ever-changing use environment.
7) Appearance: The safe has been gradually removed from bulkiness and monotony, and organic integration with the home environment is the development trend of safe products.
8) Manufacturers' strength and brand: The brutal competition in the market enables the product to survive and eliminate the inferior. Only high-quality products can ensure that the manufacturers are in an invincible position.
9) After-sales service: The safe is a special commodity. Once it has a problem, it must have a dedicated and professional after-sales service team in order to ensure that the user has no worries at any time.

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