How water saving controllers use one more contribution to environmental protection


We should develop good habits of water conservation in our daily lives. Apart from not wasting in our lives, we can also take some measures to change the situation of scarcity of water resources, such as the installation of water-saving controllers in places with high traffic. The controller of the water- saving controller water-saving controller controls the outlet of the waterway terminal to achieve the purpose of controlling water consumption, saving water, and charging water. Then how to use water saving controller? Let's take a look at it.

[How to use the water saving controller]
1. Insert the IC card into the card slot in the direction of the arrow. The display shows the balance in the card.
2, press the start switch, immediately start billing, hot water outflow.
3. After reaching the amount of water, press the button again and the charge will stop. This shows the balance after this consumption, and pulls out the IC card.
[Water Saving Controller Structure and Related Functions]
The water saving controller has five functional modules, card management, equipment management, data processing, query/report statistics, and system management. The basic content is as follows:
1, card management:
Card review, account opening, card replacement, account cancellation, deposit, card repair, consumption correction, report loss and other functions, can complete all the operations of the card, cancel the use of the card to cancel the use of the account, when the amount is insufficient, when the amount of consumption is wrong Can be amended, the card can be repaired when the error, loss of real-time loss of the card and unlock the series of functions.
2, equipment management:

Water-saving controller equipment inspection, equipment monitoring, equipment distribution, setting time, setting parameters, download loss reporting, equipment initialization, mode management and other functions. Check whether the device is connected to the network, monitor the operating status and charging status of the device, and assign the bath node. Download the system configuration parameters to the controller.
3, data processing:
Upload data, monitor data, data backup, data sorting, data export and other functions. Complete the uploading and processing of the water saving controller data.
4, query / report statistics:
Cash income, card payments/advanced receipts and payments, consumption reports, personnel information, account opening information, deposit information, loss reporting information, bad card information, cancellation information, card restoration information, personal consumption records, landing records, and other functions to complete financial settlement and Manage required queries and report printing.
5, system management:
Data initialization, parameter setting, department setting, identity setting, group setting, site setting, charging standard setting, charging mode setting, permission setting and so on. You can choose the system password scheme, card type, etc. to confirm the charging standard. For customers who use the water controller offline, they can use the mode of the parameter card to download different charging standards to the water saving controller. At the same time, the parameter card is used to regularly maintain and modify the water saving controller. The charging standards are based on the customer's Specific environment and site water pressure decisions.

Xiaobian epilogue: The above introduced the water-saving controller for everyone and hoped to help everyone. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform. Follow-up will present more exciting content for everyone.

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