How to extend the service life of industrial vacuum cleaners? How to maintain the industrial vacuum cleaner


The emergence of industrial vacuum cleaners has solved the difficult problem of cleaning in many locations. As an industrial cleaning device that can absorb all kinds of industrial waste, it makes household vacuum cleaners untouched. Weddler Xiaobian recommends that in order to improve the efficiency of vacuum cleaners, reduce the use of vacuum cleaners, and prolong service life, we should use them regularly and regularly perform maintenance.
1. Regularly inspect the vacuum cleaner bag for industrial vacuum cleaners for damage. If it is damaged, replace it in a timely manner. During the replacement, clean the dust in the bucket.
2, industrial vacuum cleaner brush attached to the hair, the thread should be promptly removed, if the brush is worn out, it should be replaced.
3. After the industrial dust collector is used, the garbage in the dust bin should be cleaned in a timely manner. At the same time, the industrial vacuum cleaner and its accessories should be wiped clean with a clean rag and stored in an environment with dry ventilation and a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.
4. The dust bag after cleaning can be washed with lukewarm water and dried.
5. If the motor and brush of the industrial vacuum cleaner are in trouble, repair it in time. If the brush is worn after long-term use, it should be replaced in time.
6, check the industrial vacuum cleaner fasteners, if loose should promptly sturdy.
7. Check regularly whether the sealing gasket of the industrial vacuum cleaner is aging, and if it is aging, replace it in time.
8. Regularly grease the bearings of motor cleaners and other bearings of industrial vacuum cleaners.
9. When using the industrial vacuum cleaner to find that the suction is not normal, check whether the motor is normal, whether the belt tension is tight or if the filter is clogged. Abnormalities should be handled according to the problem.

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