Choose a wardrobe, I have 10 tips!


The closet is a large item in the home. You can't feel free to purchase it. If you really don't know how to choose it, Xiaobian will give you some suggestions today and 12 criteria will be given to you. 1, do less laminate, do more wardrobe rack area is calculated by the three-dimensional area, the calculation of the floor is the total area of ​​five sides, if you do more than a few layers, the price is very expensive. Nowadays, more consumers choose to do more clothes hangers, one is practical, and the other is more cost-effective. 2, smell the smell, look at the smell of accessories , good materials no matter how new and no pungent taste; touch the edge is smooth, delicate, strong adhesion; see whether the hardware accessories branded their own security logo. 3, non-standard combination method is more expensive than the standard because the standard combination has been process, if you want to special order, the price is expensive
4. Whether the variety of cabinet doors and materials is rich or varied The materials available for making sliding doors on the market today are mainly wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Colors include beech, cherry, maple, oak, oak, black walnut, white pine and so on.
5. Whether the thickness of the door panel is full and thick, and whether the height is sufficient to push the plank with a door, it is better to choose a 10mm or 12mm thick board, which will be strong, stable and durable when used. If it is slightly poor, it will be 8mm thick. The height of the door panel determines whether it can be decorated to the top of the ceiling, requiring a single board height of 2.8 meters or more, up to ceilings. 6. Whether the door and the frame color are the same . The border and door of the brand wardrobe door are from the same manufacturer. The color lines can be completely consistent and matched. The no-name wardrobe can only find similar plates and borders, and cannot be completely consistent.
7. Whether the wheels are smooth, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, safe and reliable The brand of the wardrobe of the brand-name wardrobe is generally made of carbon glass fiber, with inner ball, with non-dry lubrication grease, smooth and flexible, pressure resistance and wear resistance. Pulley guide rails are the core technical parts of sliding doors and must be carefully selected.
8. Whether the cabinet is professional and whether the design is scientific and fashionable The fashion of modern wardrobe cabinets is very scientific and reasonable. In accordance with the principle of “slitting to zero,” several different sub-cabinets are developed, and they can be freely combined and matched when ordered.
9, whether the accessories are complete, can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions Many wardrobe manufacturers have introduced practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, pants racks, fashion drawers, pull baskets, L racks, CD racks, wooden hangers Wait. 10. Whether Green-Environmental Materials are used in man-made panels for furniture nowadays, because formaldehyde is used in the production process of the panels, it is inevitable that formaldehyde will be contained in the finished furniture. According to the national standard, E1≤1.5mg/L, E2≤5.0mg/L. Finally, we can look at whether it has a large factory and after-sales guarantee.


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