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As an owner, we don't need parent-child decoration, but we can't go empty-handed to supervise the site. Every time an inexperienced owner goes there, he suddenly discovers that if he brings a book, if he only brings a pen, then we need to bring it. What things go to the construction site? This article is a homeowner's decoration based on their own decoration experience for the decoration of equipment, are working hard to write it down!

Owners experience:

A good set of equipment is a must. The following is just a list of what I think is more important:

1. A messy backpack - a necessity, I was a bitter lesson. Always carry valuables (wallets, mobile phones, etc.) with you. Don't throw your bag in a place that you think is safer. Renovate people and mix things. Personal property must be taken care of.

2, a paging folder - easy to organize various orders. It's the kind of plastic bags that are on each page. You can place one order per page. Exquisite children's shoes will sort the order according to the date of the Shenma, and will pay the amount of money, the amount of unpaid, whether to unsubscribe and other notes. There are numerous trivial things in the decoration process, and it is not as good as a bad writing.

3, notebook - small, you can carry a variety of records, price, size, precautions, to-do and so on.

4, camera - at any time in the new home to take a photo to commemorate, go to the business when you encounter the style like to shoot down for subsequent comparisons, price comparisons and so on. If you have a high-resolution mobile phone, you can also replace it.

5, measuring tape - measuring the various dimensions inside the home, the purchase of goods measured to ensure that meet the requirements of the home.

6, overalls - floor, countertops cut dust and other super large, a set of work clothes to the new house on the weekend is necessary.

7. Comfortable shoes - Imagine that you may be walking all day. How important is the right pair of shoes.

8, calculator - a clear calculation of various prices, do not be confused by a profiteer.

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