Chicago Pneumatic Introduces Rugged Medium-Mount Mobile Compressor


International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatics has introduced two rugged, multi-purpose, medium-sized mobile air compressors with adjustable pressure settings. CPS 11-10 can be set to 7 or 10 bar, while CPS11-14 can be set to 12 or 14 bar pressure.

Mobile compressor spokesman Manu Claes said: "With the easy-to-use Control Pressure system, our new mobile compressors can be used in a wide variety of applications. In fact, operators can use one machine to achieve The function of the two machines can therefore benefit from them. They only need to set the pressure value and the compressor will automatically complete the rest of the work."

The CPS 11-10 and CPS 11-14 are the most rugged and durable of all mid-size mobile air compressors from Chicago Pneumatics. Both models are field tested to meet the requirements of working in harsh environments, and the fuselage is fully covered with a three-layer protective coating (anti-corrosion category C3). This prevents corrosion of the fuselage and ensures consistently superior performance, which means that the compressor can handle the challenge easily, no matter what the conditions.

Both models can be transported either by hauling or on a single shaft. In addition, the lightweight and compact design makes these mobile compressors easy to move between work sites, which is very convenient.

CPS 11-10 and CPS 11-14 are not only easy to use, but also require minimal maintenance, requiring only one oil maintenance per 1000 hours or annually. In addition, they are equipped with John Deere engines for improved performance reliability and reduced fuel consumption.

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