Camera lens and housing maintenance method


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The lens is the "window of the mind" of the digital video camera. The good lens can ensure high-fidelity, high-contrast images. Since the lens of the digital video camera is difficult to replace, and the maintenance cost is high, pay attention to keep the lens clean. Become very important. However, after using a digital video camera to go out, the lens of the camera will inevitably be stained with dust and other dirty things. Sometimes, if you use carelessly, you will leave "fingerprints" and other stains on the lens. The layer is very harmful! In general, there is a little dust on the lens that does not affect the quality of the image, but if there are more stains on the lens, we will start cleaning the lens at this time.

Camera lens

Camera lens maintenance

The correct method should be to first blow off the dust on the surface of the lens with a blower (also called ear-washing ball). This kind of blow-up balloon is sold in general photography stores, and the price ranges from a few yuan to several tens of dollars, but Be careful not to use a self-contained compressed air tank. Because the pressure is too high, you may blow dust into the gap of the lens, and do not blow it directly with your mouth. In that case, a lot of saliva particles will blow to the lens surface. Difficult to deal with.

If you can't clean the dust on the lens surface with a blower, we can also try to clean the lens with a soft brush. In general, you can remove dust and other dirty things. For stubborn stains, such as finger marks, we need to use suede. , lens cleaning cloth or lens paper with lens cleaning solution for cleaning. When scrubbing, be careful not to squeeze the lens surface hard, because the lens surface is covered with a layer of easily damaged coating, which is easily wiped off by hard cleaning.

When buying lens paper, be sure to go to a regular professional photography store to buy it. Don't buy cheap lens paper with cheapness. This lens paper often contains a certain amount of wood pulp, which will seriously damage the lens on the digital camera. Coating, by that time you may be "repented".

There is a lot of debate about whether to use lens cleaning fluid to clean the lens. Some inferior brand cleaning fluids do damage the lens. Therefore, we recommend that you can use the tools such as suede to clean the stubborn stains on the lens. Cleaning solution, must be careful not to use too much when you use it, and do not put the cleaning solution outside the lens, because some of the cleaning liquid is acetone, it is easy to make the black lens edge fade, serious It will also deform the lens around, remember to remember!

In addition, we recommend that the time for cleaning the lens should not exceed 30 seconds each time, because too long wiping will cause unnecessary damage to the lens, and if so, it will not be worth the loss.

In short, cleaning the lens is a delicate work, we must be careful, and we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the digital camera lens, for example, when used in a large sandstorm environment, immediately after the filming is completed The camera is loaded into the camera bag. When not in use, you should cover the lens cover or install a UV filter to protect the lens. During the shooting, you should also keep your fingers from leaving fingerprints on the lens. “Be careful to make the ship” !

Camera housing maintenance

The most important and most routine, be careful when using it. When shooting, be careful not to touch hard objects such as tables, railings, walls, trees, etc. These objects may easily scratch the DV shell and make you feel bad. The solution is to look at the environment before shooting, avoiding leaning the camera near these things in the composition.

Here is only from the aspect of DV shell damage, as for the other aspects of the rain and snow weather shooting will be combined with specific aspects of protection in the discussion. First of all, the rain and snow weather will wet the camera's outer casing, and it is mixed with a lot of sand, so it is easy to damage the camera's outer casing during the wiping process.

Usually our cameras must be kept safely, not placed next to corrosive items, because now the camera shell is two kinds, one is plastic, the other is metal, they are easily corroded, causing deformation of the shell material or It is rusty and very unattractive. Do not place your camcorder near objects with sharp edges and corners during storage to prevent accidental contact with these items or cameras, causing collisions and damage to the casing. The best way and the easiest way is to have a suitable camera bag. After the shooting, the machine will be installed in the bag immediately.

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