Early autumn spinach management essence


   Soak seeds and germination, soak the seeds in a new high-fat film for 12 hours, soak them and then dry them to dry them. It can keep warm, moisturize and swell, improve the germination rate of seeds and make the seedlings strong. Repel underground pests and isolate viral infections.

Sowing time is generally from August to mid-August, preferably in the evening, usually planted with alfalfa, 1.15 meters wide, 35 cm wide, 12 cm line spacing, 2.5 cm spacing, small ditch, filling the bottom, Spread the seeds evenly in the ditch. Note that the length of the seed bud can not exceed the length of the seed, otherwise the shoot will be dry when exposed to high temperature, and the amount of seed used will be 4 to 5 kg. After sowing, cover with straw or shade net to keep the soil moist and conducive to seed unearthing.

Fertilizer management, according to the growth status of spinach, the topdressing is less before and after, due to the higher temperature after planting, the leaves are evenly sprayed with vegetables and strong stems to enhance the absorption and absorption of plants, improve yield and quality. Pay attention to clean the ditch in the rainy day to prevent the dead roots from being soaked in the rain.

To control pests and diseases, the main insect pest during the growth period of spinach is yellow beetle. It can be sprayed with targeted insecticides and new high-fat membranes to prevent insects from smelling, inhibiting the replication of pathogens, reducing their resistance and dosage. Pesticide effect.

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