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The seemingly simple bathroom renovation is a very tedious project, many owners as a layman, many details do not know how to deal with. In particular, the bathroom is baptized with water every day, so it is prone to dampness. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the decoration. Before proceeding with the bathroom renovation, we must first understand the materials needed for the renovation. Here I will provide you with a list of bathroom decoration materials , may wish to come with me to see what is included in the list of bathroom decoration materials !

Bathroom decoration materials list

I. Ground material:

The first material required is groundwater, dirt-resistant and non-skid geostrophic, granite, whose height should be 10 to 20 mm below the other ground, and the floor drain should be approximately 10 mm below the ground for drainage.

Top material:

The top of the bathroom can withstand the baking of water vapor for a long time and it is very easy to mold. Therefore, waterproof and heat-resistant materials should be selected. Generally, it can be used in the form of colorful molded aluminum gussets and acrylic molded ceilings. These materials are highly resistant to water and have thermal insulation on the surface. They are the ideal materials for bathroom ceilings and are sized to 120 mm wide. And 300MM × 300MM square-based, surface structure is divided into two kinds of flat and micro-empty. In these two materials, the price of acrylic molded ceilings is relatively low, but this kind of material is prone to aging. Although the price of colorful shaped aluminum gussets is relatively high, there are more color choices in the market and its quality It is very durable and is the protagonist of the ceiling material in modern bathroom decoration.

III. Wall materials:

Bathrooms have a large wall area. Therefore, we must choose materials that are highly water-repellent and have anti-corrosion and anti-mildew properties. Easy to clean tiles, marble, mosaics and other materials, various colors, can collage a rich and beautiful pattern, and smooth, clean, easy to dry, is a very practical wall material in bathroom renovation, but need to pay attention to the point is that the wall The choice of surface materials should be in harmony with the color of the ground material.

Fourth, sanitary ware:

Finally, the materials required for bathroom renovation are materials for sanitary ware. The selection of sanitary ware should be in harmony with the overall layout of the bathroom. Of these, natural or artificial marbles, granites, etc. are usually selected for the washbasin countertops, while cabinets for washbasins are generally made of moisture-proof plates, and the washbasins are usually ceramics. Tempered glass and stainless steel are also available. Steel material.


Bathroom decoration materials purchase skills

The ceiling of the bathroom is also affected by the water vapor in the bathroom, because when it comes to the ceiling of the bathroom, you can choose better waterproof products, such as aluminum buckles and PVC buckles. When you do the ceiling, you can also use other materials to Decorate, but it is important to note that when choosing a decorating material, it is still necessary to pay attention to waterproofness and moisture resistance.

The decoration of the bathroom can be enriched with the color matching, but it is best to be able to use cool colors, because the cold-colored bathroom can bring you a cleaner feeling, the bathroom's color effect is composed of many aspects, the group is in the wall The surface, the floor, and the bathroom lights are changed to achieve the optimization of bathroom decoration effects.

General bathroom design is required to meet people's daily life, the main requirement is that it is convenient, safe and easy to clean. In general, the bathroom is a relatively humid place. We should pay attention to the selection of the bathroom floor. Choose waterproof material, you can choose the waterproof and corrosion resistant stone floor, this will not only affect but also facilitate our daily use.

The choice of bathroom lighting tools and appliances, on the whole, the use of incandescent lighting can be used in the bathroom, if you feel that the brightness is not enough to do in the bathroom wash table lighting and lighting supplements. The bathroom appliances should be chosen to have a very good waterproof, it should not be installed too low. The choice of bathroom ware, the choice of outcome is generally based on the actual area of ​​the bathroom to choose, choose the right sanitary ware.

Bathroom renovation experience

1, space

The bathroom does not have to be large, 5-8 square meters is the ideal size. It is recommended that the bathroom or bathroom be partitioned or separated. 3 square meters is the floor area of ​​the bathroom, and it is possible to arrange the washbasin, toilet and bathing equipment. When choosing a sanitary ware for a bathroom of 3 square meters, it is necessary to consider leaving a certain space for activities. The hand-washing table is the best choice for the toilet. The shower should be set on the corner of the wall. The shower can use a showerhead or an easy shower. In addition, bathroom mirrors can be used to expand the visual effects of small spaces.

2, ventilation

The bathroom is our convenient place. The bathroom is used for bathing, which causes the air to be moist and it is easy to breed bacteria. Choose the best Mingwei with windows. If it is a guard, for the sake of hygiene, it will not become moldy, grow long hair, and there will be no crawling insects everywhere. In addition to installing an exhaust fan with high power and good performance, you should also pay attention to avoid “wrapping”, especially near the ground. . Many people like to pack their pipes tightly, or simply make a locker under the sink. As a result, the moisture is trapped inside and cannot be dispersed. It is unhygienic.

Reasonable layout of the bathroom should have dry and non-dry areas. Non-drying areas are not conducive to storage. Even in dry areas, toilet paper, towels, bath towels, etc., if stored for a long period of time, must be stored in a good moisture-proof plastic box to avoid moisture, and ensure that they are not exposed to moisture when used.

3, light

Ming Wei can come in with natural light, and all light comes from the reflection of lights and tiles themselves.

Bathroom design bathroom should use soft but not direct light; if it is dark and space is not enough, the tiles should not be black or dark, should use white or light colors, so that the bathroom looks bright and bright.

4, into the water

Sewerage is an important part of bathroom cleaning. Pay special attention to the following points:

(1) The height of the floor water seal must reach 50mm to prevent the gas in the drainage pipe from entering the room.

(2) The floor drain should be less than about 10mm above the ground, and the drainage flow should not be too small, otherwise it will easily cause obstruction.

(3) If the floor drain is rough around it, it is easy to catch hair and sludge, causing clogging, and it is especially easy to grow bacteria.

(4) The opening diameter of the floor drain rake should be controlled between 6 and 8 mm so as to effectively prevent dirt, such as hair, sludge and sand, from entering the floor drain.

5, bathtub

A hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. The size of the bathtub should be the same as the size of the bathroom. The smaller bathroom can choose a small, deep bathtub. Also note if the water heater matches the bathtub. The water that is poured into the bathtub generally needs 65% of the hot water (for example, the capacity of the bathtub is 300 liters, it needs about 200 liters of hot water). When other people want to take a bath, the bath water must be reheated, so the heating capacity of the water heater is very important. . If you can't meet the requirements, you either have to change a small bathtub or change the water heater.

If there are two bathrooms in the house, and the space of the main guard is large enough, I suggest you install a double bathtub, and the feeling of bathing with a lover is particularly romantic and warm.

6, toilet

The most important "element" in the bathroom should be a toilet. Its function and health status are directly related to the user's health. In addition to health problems, the concept of “bathroom revolution” is quietly emerging in the society. The so-called bathroom revolution is the health care function of the bathroom. Installing a Jintao body for the toilet will not only benefit the anorectal patients, but also the elderly women. Has a strong health care effect.


7, tiles

Tiles are an important part of bathroom waterproofing. It can be said whether you can enjoy playing in the bathroom and have a lot to do with the tiles. The bathroom walls shall be covered with tiles (or glass tiles) with strong waterproofness and corrosion and mildew resistance; the floor shall preferably be made of anti-slip tiles with raised patterns; the floor tiles shall be waterproofed under the surface layer, and the cement mortar shall be used. Level the ground and apply waterproof coating; when laying floor tiles, make a waterproof layer under the surface layer, use cement mortar to level the floor, apply waterproof coating, and apply back-coating on the tiles before laying to reduce waterlogging Waterproof layer around the contact with the wall should be raised up, about 25 ~ 30cm above the ground.

8, plants

Green plants and smooth tiles are visually perfect, giving life to a boring bathroom and fresh air. The bathroom is warm and moist like a greenhouse. The selected green plants do not like the water and they occupy a small area. It is best to occupy a corner only on the windowsill, the edge of the bathtub or the edge of the washbasin. The guard is more suitable for placing dried flowers. You can buy two jars that you like, insert dried flowers into the bottle, and drop a few drops of perfume at regular intervals. The fragrance can last for more than a week. Fresh lemon can also be cut into slices, dried and placed in a container in the bathroom, you can mold, deodorant. However, it is important not to place lemon slices directly on the surface of the ceramic, leaving traces that are difficult to remove.

9, decorative painting

Decorative paintings can adjust the atmosphere to reduce people's loneliness and depression in the bathroom. Put a few of your favorite paintings or photos on the wall. This is no longer a tedious bathroom, but a room containing your life experience, a place where you can relax and dream. You can ask the workers to set aside the hooks during the renovation; the material of the frame should not be afraid of water, aluminum or stainless steel can be.

10, pay attention to the location of the bathroom, placed items

If it is a compound structure house, the bathroom should not be set in the bedroom, living, kitchen.

If the upper floor of the bathroom design room cannot be changed, the sewers and traps must not be exposed indoors or outdoors, and there should be reliable waterproofing, sound insulation and measures for easy maintenance.

It is not advisable to use any type of telephone in the bathtub or shower to avoid electric shock and fire hazard.

Not suitable for laying wooden floors.

Should not be underwear, wet bath towel hanging in the bathroom, should be placed in the sun exposure.

Unused sanitary napkins should not be stored in the bathroom.

Should not store a lot of cosmetics.

The bathroom is usually not suitable for washing machines. If there is a special laundry area that is far from the non-drying area, the washing machine must use a three-way plug and the socket must have a protective shell.

Editor's summary: The above is the bathroom decoration materials list bathroom decoration experience sharing knowledge, bathroom to do to give people a clean, bright, relaxed feeling, really is not an easy task. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

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