The Karma lock was selected as the vice president of the Mountain Lock Association and won the advanced unit of the National Demonstration Zone.


Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City is located in the middle of the Pearl River Delta. It is known as the “Southern Locked City”. The export of lock products accounts for about 30% of the country and ranks among the top in the country. Since the approval of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for the establishment of the “National Locking Industry Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Zone”, the various functional departments and lock-making enterprises of the town have acted swiftly, and all the work has been steadily advanced and achieved phased results.

First, the mechanism is sound and effective. A preparatory group for preparatory work was set up to formulate the "Special Measures for Promoting Industrial Transformation and Upgrading". The town finance approved 7 million yuan as a special support fund for industrial enterprises' transformation and upgrading, and approved 3.8 million yuan as a support fund for service industry development. Nearly 1 million yuan was used to promote the construction of locks and exhibition centers, build a credit information platform for lock products, support enterprises to apply advanced management tools, carry out brand satisfaction measurement, and carry out regional brand publicity.
Second, the preparation of the industry contrast improvement report. The "Report on the Improvement of the Quality of the Lock Industry in Xiaolan Town" was compiled, and the status quo, advantages and existing problems of the Xiaolan lock industry were analyzed in depth.

Third, guide the implementation of brand strategy. With the theme of “Quality Leading, Brand Driven”, we will carry out all-round and multi-level brand promotion activities through TV station advertisements, news promotion, outdoor large-scale LED billboards, magazines, webpages, microblogs, and community promotion banners. Promote the "Xiaolan Locks" group to go out to participate in the exhibition, actively organize enterprises to go out to study, participate in the exhibition, learn the advanced experience of product transformation and upgrading, production semi-automatic technology transformation, brand marketing strategy, etc.; participate in ceramics, architectural decoration, Mercure and other topics Exhibitions and expositions fully demonstrate the overall image of the “Small Locks” regional industry.
Fourth, promote advanced management methods. Organizational quality special training activities, joint quality supervision department to organize the organization of bar code technology application and standardization knowledge training class, QC group training class, high performance model enterprise management personnel training class, enterprise chief quality officer training course, etc., more than 260 enterprises more than 300 People participated in the training.

Fifth, strengthen quality rectification. Clarify corporate quality responsibilities, disclose “quality and integrity commitment” to the society, establish a corporate quality credit file and information sharing platform, and maintain and enhance the quality image of “Xiaolan Lock”.
Sixth, build a public service platform. Strengthen the construction of lock detection laboratory. On the basis of the existing lock detection institutions such as Zhongshan Lichuang Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. and Xiaolan Hardware Testing Service Co., Ltd., invest 10 million yuan to build an electronic lock laboratory to occupy the industry for the lock industry. The technical commanding heights and the development of high-end lock products provide technical basis guarantee.

Recently, it was learned that the 3rd General Meeting of the 3rd Member of Zhongshan Lock Industry Association and the 4th General Election of Zhongshan Lock Industry Association was successfully held in Vienna on the afternoon of August 3 at the Vienna Hotel in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan. Representatives of all member units and industry representatives At the meeting, Mr. Li Shande, the chairman of Karma Locks, was elected as the vice president of the association. At the same time, Guangdong Dongxun Anti-theft Equipment Co., Ltd. (Yama Lock) also won the title of “Advanced Unit of Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Zone in National Lock Industry”.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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