China's 20,000-ton free forging machine has a domestically-made forging manipulator


Recently, the special project “large forging manipulator” of the 04 project was held in Jiangsu, and the project passed the technical acceptance, marking that China’s 20,000-ton free forging machine has a domestically-made forging manipulator, which is important for heavy forging forging. significance.

The project was undertaken by China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd., and was completed in cooperation with Jiangsu Guoguang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and Chongqing University. The subject carried out research work on mechanism finite element analysis and design, hydraulic system simulation, electrical and hydraulic linkage control, prototype structure design, manufacturing and commissioning; in order to ensure the sensitivity of motion response and control precision, a number of mechanical and hydraulic structural innovations were carried out; Aiming at the high inertia motion and multi-actuator load sensitivity characteristics of nearly 1600 tons of motion quality at full load, high-voltage and large-flow electro-hydraulic proportional control systems and methods were studied. According to the report of the meeting, the project developed a large-scale forging manipulator with the largest intellectual property rights in the world. The weight of the machine is 300 tons and the maximum load torque is 750 tons. It can be compared with the existing 20,000-ton free forging pressure in China. The machine is equipped with forged heavy forgings, which has changed the situation that such machinery relies on imports.

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