I finally found the right source method!


Introduction: Are you still worrying about finding a suitable supplier? Are you still using Baidu to find suppliers? Procurement should be done on the professional procurement website. The character interviewed Liuzhou Hualv Trading Co., Ltd.'s purchasing director. Let's listen to the buyer's purchasing experience.

I finally found the right source method!

Interviewee: Liuzhou Hualv Trading Company

The main procurement types: crafts, daily necessities, daily sundries, Wujinjiaodian, general machinery, electrical machinery, building materials, stationery, wire and cable, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and so on.

I and Baizhuo Purchasing Network

Before 2016, I used Baidu to find suppliers to purchase green seedlings. Due to the large amount of orders for green seedlings, in order to be safe, after Baidu finds the company's phone number and company address, I will go to the site for inspection.

Later, I discovered the Baizhuo Purchasing Network. With the mentality of trying it out, I released a blood collection chair and received a quotation on the same day. Slowly, I used to make inquiries at Baizhuo Purchasing Network. Not only can I receive a quotation, but the website will also help me recommend some of the high-quality suppliers in China's manufacturing network internal stations.

Compared with Baidu's approach to finding suppliers, Baizhuo Purchasing Network is more targeted, and its rapidity and security are very attractive to me and can help me quickly find a safe and reliable supplier.

Experience sharing

Now, Baizhuo Purchasing has been using the network for half a year. More than 90 requests for quotation have been issued in succession, and some “routines” have been summarized.

First, look at the quote. Corporate quotes must reach my psychological price and be competitive in price.

Second, the price is appropriate. I will go to the corporate credit information publicity network to prove the authenticity of the company and make further judgments.

Some products are relatively unpopular and offer little, I will take the initiative to contact Baizhuo Purchasing Network recommended suppliers. Whether it is recommended by Baizhuo Purchasing Network is also one of the standards that I consider the supplier.

Now the diesel water pump has been confirmed to cooperate with the supplier of a domestic manufacturing network internal trade station recommended by the website, and successfully won the order.

While improving efficiency, Baizhuo Purchasing Network also helped me gain profits, thanks to this platform.

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