Shower room weather strips need to do? Shower room weather strips which kind of good


Nowadays, most homeowners will place bathing rooms in the bathroom, which is both stylish and convenient. However, many people have responded. This type of product does not see water seepage for a long time. It is actually due to the lack of weather strips or water barriers. Inappropriate installation causes water seepage. In addition, with the rapid development of the sanitary ware industry, the material of the water barrier is becoming more and more abundant. However, some users feel that the water barrier is unsightly and the installation is of little significance. Is it necessary to do a shower stall ? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to help you.

Is it necessary to do a shower stall?

1. Some users will use shower curtains instead of water curtains. In fact, this type of practice does not prevent the appearance of water seepage. Although the floor tiles in the bathing position are generally sloped toward the floor drain location, the water droplets are still large when bathed. The shower curtain will seep outside, and if there is no water barrier, the bathroom will become wet, especially in the winter, especially troublesome.

2. Generally speaking, this type of product can also be self-assembled, although most homeowners nowadays buy off-the-shelf stone or other textures, but Xiao Bian thinks that it is also possible to embed the water blocking strip into the floor tile when it is paving. The water retention effect will be better, and it will be OK to use glass glue on the floor tiles.

Shower room weather bar material which is good

First, the plastic shower room weather bar

This kind of texture product is economical, durable, light weight, and has good sealing properties. Therefore, many homeowners prefer plastic materials, and they can also be designed into different shapes due to changes in the glass edge of the shower room. , Flexible for a variety of shapes.

Second, artificial stone material shower enclosure water bar

This is a more popular material at present, with a lot of extraordinary advantages, such as non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean, deodorant, etc., and this kind of water-retaining material has gradually become the first choice in the decoration facilities market, and it is everyone’s favorite.

Third, the marble material shower room water bar

This is a kind of stone with soft texture. It has strong operability, and the texture of each plate is different. The surface is lubricated delicately. It is a relatively high-grade shower room retaining material. Although the price is relatively expensive, many owners Still can not stop its beautiful, generous style, the choice of marble material retaining bar.

Fourth, granite shower enclosure weather bar

Since the hardness of this type of texture is somewhat high, softness is also one of the factors to be considered in the selection. In addition, since the door to the product is the glass door of the shower room, the water retaining bar should have a certain bearing capacity. In contrast, The material with higher hardness has stronger abrasion resistance. At the same time, due to the low water absorption of granite, it is an excellent material for waterproofing and retaining water.

Conclusion: This paper is about the shower retaining bar is necessary to resolve the knowledge to do it, I believe many who just need the need for a shower retaining bar do you already have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas Please feel free to contact Xiao Bian.

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