Melon fertilization three attention


Applying the base fertilizer to the 20-degree cast chicken manure, if the application of 100 kg of fermented fermented soybean meal or peanut cake fertilizer is better, it is also necessary to apply 150 kg of potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer.

Ingenious topdressing When the melon grows to the size of the egg, it should be topdressed in time, and can be applied with watering. Melon like potassium, can be combined with watering to supplement high-potassium compound fertilizer; melon late demand for potassium is large, increasing the application of potassium fertilizer can significantly improve the yield and quality of melon. In addition, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be properly controlled for the emergence of prolonged plants.

Spraying micro-fertilizers Melon deficiency can cause growth points to be blocked and yield and sweetness to decrease. It can be remedied by spraying micro-fertilizer. After sitting on the melon, the water is sprayed with 0.3% calcium chloride plus 0.12% to 0.25% boric acid mixture, sprayed once every 7 days, and sprayed 2 to 3 times. Spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate foliar fertilizer in the later stage can increase the yield and improve the quality.
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