Shuaikang cabinet how good Shuaikang cabinet quality is good


In today's rapid development of technology, the competition in the kitchen and toilet market is also very fierce. Shuaikang cabinets are one of them. Of course, everyone knows that Shuaikang has not entered the field of kitchen cabinets for a long time. That Shuaikang cabinet in the end is good or not? I believe many people are more doubtful, and now the furniture network Xiaobian give you a specific introduction about Shuaikang cabinets, OK ?

Shuaikang cabinet brand introduction

The Shuaikang Group was founded in 1984. After 28 years of development, it has become a large-scale enterprise group focusing on design, production, and sales of kitchen appliances. Three furniture and cabinet production lines imported from Germany to produce cabinets faster and better. For the fourth consecutive year, it has consistently won the title of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" and the first brand in the kitchen and bathroom industry. Its Shuaikang cabinets are well received by users.

Shuaikang cabinet how

Shuaikang Cabinet Technical Support

Shuaikang has led the advanced German Homag computer numerical control technology production equipment, with the ability to produce 25,000 sets of integral kitchen cabinets. He is the executive director unit of China Furniture Association and deputy director unit of the kitchen furniture professional committee of China Furniture Association. Shuaikang’s solid wood cabinets are made of high-quality wood with more than 70 years of age. The wood grain is clear and full of material; the craftsmanship is sophisticated, and the moisture content reaches all international standards. The products are smooth on the surface and have the effect of returning to nature and returning to nature.

Shuaikang cabinet configuration

The cabinet is an assembled product and consists of plates, panels, countertops, kitchen appliances, and hardware. When buying Shuaikang cabinets, it is best to understand the brand of each component. Only these configurations are good, and the overall quality is good. Shuaikang's cabinets have a good electrical configuration because it is the predecessor of electrical appliances. Therefore, its cabinet products have greater advantages at this point.

Shuaikang cabinet prices

1. Shuaikang the whole cabinet of platinum series: Shuaikang whole cabinet, the cabinet uses E1 Shuaikang 18mm platinum waterproof eco-board, imported double-sided paint door, giving the impression that both stylish and simple. This section of Shuaikang whole cabinet reference price is 8500 yuan.

2. Shuaikang the whole cabinet Eveline series: This Shuaikang whole cabinet adopts imported "EGG" door panels, E1 Shuaikang 18mm "Bao De" cabinets, countertops for artificial stone. The whole cabinet shows a natural and fresh feeling. This section of Shuaikang overall cabinet reference price is 5300 yuan.

3. Aria series Shuaikang whole cabinet: Shuaikang whole cabinet door matte vacuum coating, E1 Shuaikang 18mm cabinet, composite acrylic table. The entire cabinet reflects the style of Korean pastoral, fresh and elegant, bright and cool. This section of Shuaikang whole cabinet reference price is 8589 yuan.

Above is about the good of the whole cabinet SHUAIKANG related presentations, I hope for your help, for more information please pay attention cupboard GO good home information channel.

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