Why excavators commonly used in ground work are also called diggers?


During the period of mechanization, the use of digging pit excavation machines is extremely widespread. Such excavators are mainly used for digging pits and can be seen in many places.
Utility model digging machines are mainly used for digging holes on the ground. According to specifications, they can be divided into large excavators and small excavators. Large excavators, also known as telescopic pole excavators, cement pole excavators, are the most advanced patented digging machine equipment in the country. Their functions can automatically excavate poles, take-off machines and other actions can be combined.
The tractor digging machine is generally composed of full hydraulic pressure, simple operation, advanced pre-drilling pipe, simple driving operation and other characteristics. Using 50-90 tractors as power, full of power and strong off-road capability, it is suitable for laying large-area planting poles for laying photovoltaic towers and digging piles. The tractor excavator uses a wire rope drilling machine to drill down into the borehole while two large-tonnage hydraulic cylinders are drilled. This greatly improves work efficiency and enables one person to complete the work in front of the structure. The machine has exclusively introduced extremely excavating machines and world-leading technologies to install complete sets of equipment in vertical excavation poles and line automation projects, greatly improving work efficiency.
The above excavators are also collectively referred to as digging machines and are mainly used for ground engineering operations. The efficiency of pit excavation machinery equipment is high and good.

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