Taizhou Tietong Finance Department strengthens the use of safe deposit regulations


In accordance with the spirit of Provincial Company Financial Circular No. 21, the Finance Department of Taizhou Tietong convened the salespersons of each branch office to exchange and study issues related to the use and management of safes, and provided regulations for the further strengthening of the use of safe management and management of operating expenses.
The operating halls of each branch must first strictly implement the state regulations concerning the use of safes and prohibit the storage of personal belongings in safes. At the same time, the operating expenses of the day should be deposited into the company’s income households in accordance with the regulations, and it is forbidden to bring the operating funds home or Deposited into an account opened in private; Secondly, the customer's deposit shall be promptly deposited into the company's operating account, the deposit receipt issued shall be sent to the financial department, and the electronic file of the deposit details shall be sent to the revenue center so that the revenue center can The financial verification sub-bureaus actually pay deposits; in addition, they must strictly implement the reserve management measures and earmark funds to increase the efficiency of fund utilization.
The finance department will continue to learn business knowledge, make cash management work in accordance with laws and regulations and the company's articles of association, and make sure that the accounts are in compliance with each other on a daily basis; the use of safes in the business halls of the branches is checked irregularly; The Gold Management Measures do a good job of recording personal bank accounts; according to the statements of the revenue centers, they supervise the payment of the operating funds and deposits by the branches.

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