Dongpeng ceramic tile is good how to identify the good and bad tiles


In our home decoration, ceramic tiles are one of the essential decoration materials. Tiles have a direct impact on the effect of home improvement. At present, there are many ceramic tile brands on the market, of which Dongpeng Ceramic Tiles has received a lot of praise from consumers. Then Xiaobian’s share for everyone today is whether Dongpeng tiles are good or not and how to distinguish tiles.

Dongpeng tile is good

1. Dongpeng Ceramic Tiles is one of the enterprises specializing in the production of floor tiles, wall tiles, industrial bricks and sanitary ware products. It is one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in China with the largest scale, most variety, and best reputation. Dongpeng's high quality products and excellent service have gained consumers a higher reputation.

2. Dongpeng tiles are elegant in color and have a very good texture. The surface of the tile has a high gloss and the texture is jade. Dongpeng Ceramic Tiles, both in terms of quality and design, show the elegance of elegant softness, highlight the essence of stone, and bring a different feeling to our home life.

How to distinguish the good and bad of tiles

1. Look

The quality of the tile depends on whether the color of the tile is even and the finish of the surface is inspected to see if there are any defects such as chromatic aberration, deformation or missing corners.

2. Knock

You can use a hard object to tap the brick body, the more crisp the sound, indicating that the higher the degree of vitrification of the tiles, the higher the density, the better the quality, if the sound sounds dull and turbid, indicating that The quality of the tiles is average.

3. Drop

The colored water droplets can be placed on the surface of the tile. After a few minutes, wipe it with a damp cloth. If there is a trace of water droplets on the surface of the tile, then the dirt has been sucked into the interior of the tile, indicating that the tile is not waterproof. No change in the surface shows that the tiles are not easy to absorb stains and are easy to clean. Because the water absorption rate of glazed tiles is relatively high, the water drops on the back of the tile are mainly used to check the diffusion range and the speed of absorption. It shows that the quality is poor, and the slow absorption is of good quality.

4. Amount

The higher the tile side accuracy, the better the effect after laying. It is not only easy to buy high-quality ceramic tiles, but also save construction time and accessories. You can use a tape measure to measure the size of each piece of tile, check whether there is The difference is that the accuracy of the measurement is high.

5. Plan

The purchase of ceramic tiles should be done with good hardness, toughness, and non-breakable rags. You can use the corners of tile fragments to scratch each other to check whether broken pieces are dense or loose.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is Xiaobian for everyone to share Dongpeng tile and how to distinguish the tile is good or bad, it is recommended that you go to the regular shopping mall for ceramic tiles, hope that the above sharing can help everyone, if you need to know more For more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to the website of this website.

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