How to decorate the small balcony and what skills


Since the current housing prices are expensive, many people will buy small-sized houses. Small apartment house balcony is small, then how to decorate this small balcony and practical and beautiful? The following small series on how to decorate the small balcony and small balcony decoration techniques to explain.

How to decorate a small balcony

1. Reasonable use of space, small size of the house is small, so the balcony is usually connected to the bedroom or kitchen. Because of the small space, many owners will use this small balcony as a storage room or put a washing machine. For a long time, the small balcony will be very chaotic and difficult to clean up. To fully and reasonably space, we must stop these activities and make the small balcony a recreation area. In this way, the owner of the house can breathe fresh air outside from the small balcony, enjoy the sunshine and relax.

2. Choose decoration, small balcony can use some decorative rubble or small pieces of wall tiles for decoration, showing the leisure function of the balcony. The small balcony can be used folding tables and chairs and hanging wall lockers, which not only can store but also make the owner comfortable.

3. How to decorate the small balcony? To make the small balcony more vibrant and dynamic, you can plant some green plants on the small balcony. If you want to be more immersive, you can add some small ceramic wall hangings or decorate the small balconies with crafts such as rattan, grass and linen.

4. How to decorate a small balcony? If the living room space is too small, you can integrate the balcony into the living room to make it one, which increases the area of ​​use. If the balcony is connected to the kitchen, the balcony and the kitchen can be connected together. At this time, floor-to-ceiling windows can be used to separate from the outside world. This will not only have privacy but also have a decorative effect.

What are the skills of decoration?

1. Clever use of the floor. Due to the small size of the house, staying in this space for a long period of time is easy to annoy, panic, and depressed. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the space as much as possible. At this time, the color of the floor of the living room balcony should be the same, and the light color tiles should be used to decorate the room, so that the visual effect can be expanded.

2. It is also a good choice to expand the utility of the space and decorate the balcony into a living area or a study room. It seems to reduce the space for activities, but it has increased the area of ​​practical application.

3. In order to make the house lighting better, you can use glass doors or transparent moving screens to decorate, so that it can not only light but also cut off the effect.

The article concludes: Even if the balcony area is small, the decoration design is good enough for the owners to enjoy the leisure and fun brought by the balcony. Therefore, small-sized balconies do not ignore their functionality. How to decorate the above small balcony and decorate the small balcony skills hope to help everyone.

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