Soft film ceiling installation method Soft film ceiling construction steps


Soft film ceiling is the ceiling material that many friends will choose. It brings us a gorgeous and high-end appearance. As it is a new decoration material, I believe many people do not understand it well. So today Xiao Bian will share with you all the relevant knowledge about the ceiling of soft film ceiling . If you want to know, you can check it out!

Soft film ceiling installation method

1, the first choice based on the choice of soft membrane ceiling to determine how to install, in the choice of fiber optic head, you need to select the diameter suitable, first calculate the number of fiber optic head per square meter, and then determine the number of fiber optic lights.

2. After selecting the fiber head, you can determine the position of the fiber optic machine. The fiber optic machine should be placed in the inconspicuous area at the edge of the soft film, and the fiber head should not be installed in this area so that it can be easily repaired in the future.

3. If it is a soft film ceiling with a flat surface full of stars, then you need to fix the fiber head with wire. If the shape is a curved star, you need to use a screen to fix the fiber head.

4, if the fiber head and wire fixed point, then the distance is best to be shorter, so that when the fiber head is convenient to adjust up and down, not because the fiber is soft and can not adjust the position of the fiber head, thus affecting the overall effect of the sky.

5. The method of fixing the fiber on the wire must allow the fiber to move up and down so that the fiber head can be adjusted in the horizontal position of the flexible film.

6, to try to hang the fiber head in the horizontal position of the soft film or slightly more, how to install the soft film ceiling, in order to install the soft film ceiling film Lapeng smallpox flexible ceiling smallpox film shape ceiling art ceiling after bath smallpox It is easy to find the fiber head by turning on the fiber.

7. Install the soft film ceiling film Labrador ceiling smallpox flexible ceiling light film shape smallpox art ceiling bath shower ceiling, open the optical fiber lamp to find the optical head light spot, and use pointed electric iron to open the hole in the light spot, adjust the optical fiber head Soft membrane horizontal position.

8, if it is installed with the stars, then we must pay attention to the problem. The soft film can only be partially removed, and the entire block cannot be disassembled twice.

The above is the installation method of the ceiling of the soft film ceiling . After reading, is it better to know more about the ceiling of the soft membrane ceiling? Hope that the above can help everyone, if you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this Website, more exciting, so stay tuned!

Soft film ceiling

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