IKEA, can you sell furniture well! ! !


Q: "Who is the most under-employed home company?"


Is not it, on the surface, it is a low-cost, excellent quality, new style, variety, and all the home related to the sale of the home of the brand;

But in the secret... it is doing tricks like scrooping and sneaking dogs, making food, black technology , advertising, opening hotels, playing with creativity , competing for trends, and engaging in cross-border .

The stylish and fashionable IKEA shopping bag is transformed

Remember the fear of being dominated by IKEA food in those years?

Comments from fans backstage

Little wet sister can only say: Even if you buy a large and small The IKEA products, in fact, you do not understand IKEA! !

IKEA, a big food eaten by home.

And you can only watch IKEA “not only stealing your money but also occupying your stomach”.

1 minute, three steps:

Lazy recipe for making ins feast

Last year, IKEA came up with a special recipe that taught you how to cook lazily .

For Xiao Bai, it seems simple to look at recipes for cooking. The hardest things are volume (two sounds) and volume (four sounds).

Cup trouble, even if an ounce, two spoons, 3 grams, 50 milliliters ... these can also be aggrieved;

However, with a little salt left, the amount of pepper is so thorough that you, the white guy in the kitchen world, collapse.

Why do IKEA recipes "special"?

Because it is a combination of recipes, measuring cups and cutting boards , it can be called a God-level operation! More like a copybook or coloring book, just take a three-step course!

The first step: Pick the dish you want to cook and prepare the appropriate ingredients.

The three recipes correspond to three different batches of ingredients.

Of course, you said that you are too lazy to prepare your own food?

Don't panic, IKEA has prepared a matching version for you, a perfect size set to meet all fantasies of lazy and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The second step: tear off the recipe and place the purchased ingredients in the corresponding position.

One shrimp and one shrimp, 12345, bear children will do.

Different size circle circles represent different doses.

1/4 teaspoon onion powder, 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper powder.

According to the chart, putting down the corresponding ingredients is almost no difficulty.

Sprinkle with sauce, honey, seasonings, and savor.

Step 3: Make a roll and put it in the oven. Wait a few minutes and you're done!

Ok? Worried about the paper is not clean?

The recipe uses butter paper, plus edible inks . Therefore, cooking with wrapped ingredients does not harm the human body.

The key is that with this paper, you don't need to wash the dishes !

Vanilla lemon grilled salmon, Swedish meatballs, fruit dessert, you Nordic people will be playing it?

Is not very lazy, so cool! ! !

However... this is just a creative project of IKEA... It cannot be bought at present, it cannot be bought, it cannot be bought! (Repeat three, don't ask me to buy links, I also want!)

What to eat in the future? Graze and bugs!

The recipes are just the basic operation of IKEA, and people are already studying - what to eat in the future.

IKEA Space10 Innovation Lab developed a new type of "food of the future", a total of five: hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, ice cream and two new meatballs.

Doesn't it look refreshing and tastes good?

However... Speak out and surely scare you.

Bread hamburger

This burger is red and it looks very appetizing.

However, yes, you are not mistaken, that is the breadworm you think!

This unique red and red sandwich, in fact, the composition includes: 100g beetroot, 50g parsnip, 50g potatoes, and the much-anticipated 50g bread larvae.

Looking at this angle is really appetizing!

However, the little wet sister pulled the camera away and showed you the whole picture:

I don't let go of the specific photo, but you don't look at it like it is disgusting (though it's really a bit sick), breadworms are "the king of protein in insects" !

Dare to ask friends in Guangdong, are you interested in learning about it?

There is no meatball meatball inside

IKEA's Swedish meatballs, how many relatives and friends would like to call it?

However... it is likely that in the not-too-distant future, there will be no meat in the meatballs you have eaten at IKEA!

For example, the “crispy wormballs” in the picture below are golden and crispy, and they look tempting.

However, the following is the latest product of IKEA - "mealworm meatballs" .

Because IKEA thinks: In the future, insects will become a global food culture. More than 1,000 species of insects will be eaten by nearly 80% of the population. Their components are rich in protein and high in digestibility, which also helps improve the environment.

Therefore, mealworms meatballs, certain protein bursting, eat one day.

We have developed two NeatBalls, one made with bread worms and the other made with root vegetables such as carrots and beetroot.

- Space 10 also wrote a blog for these "meatballs."

Let's just use it as a purple sweet potato ball.

There is no "dog" vegetarian hot dog in hot dogs

There is no meat in the meatballs. I can't bear it. There is no meat in the hot dogs. What hot dog is it? ?

That's right, IKEA this hot dog, the middle of the sandwich is made of dried carrots .

The remaining ingredients include ketchup made from beets and berries, cream made from mustard and turmeric, grilled onions, cucumbers, and herbs.

IKEA explains this:

I don't want people living in the future to eat only meal replacements and nutrient solutions. There are three requirements for the design of future dishes: environmental protection, nutrition, and good taste.

(Be nutritious and delicious, it's a very strict requirement!)

Bread is made from spirulina .

The United Nations said that "Spirulina is the most ideal food for humans." Beta-carotene in spirulina can prevent and treat iron-deficiency anaemia . It is 50 times more iron than spinach, and can promote calcium absorption and bone development, and it can also enhance vision.

Presumably the dish must be vegan's heart love, but to see this embarrassing blue mud , little wet girl still want to eat meat ...

Grazing hydroponic vegetable ice cream

Have to say that this ice cream is indeed the most normal dish...

All of them are made of micro-green vegetables . They are cilantro, fennel, basil and yam.

In the summer, a healthy, low-fat dietary star must have!

Babies are sure to wonder: Why study these weeds and bugs and look disgusting? Is IKEA really free to do it?

The "Global Food Crisis Report" just released by the United Nations World Food Programme mentioned:

In the past year, a total of 124 million people in 51 countries and regions including Africa and Asia were hungry due to conflict or climate problems. The food crisis is still very serious...

In addition, meat production is also seriously affecting the global warming process.

The IKEA Space10 has long since opened a secret farm with a large number of tiny green plants, which are all soilless . By soilless cultivation, local food can be provided more sustainably.

IKEA Space10 Growroom

The vegetables inside are planted by hydroponic culture. The front vegetable ice cream and raw materials come from here. Only nutrition water and LED lights are needed to grow vegetables.

Experimental indoor farm LOKAL

All "future foods" developed by IKEA are made from materials that can be cultivated in a sustainable manner, or they are by-products of the existing production chain.

Little wet sister had to boast about IKEA. It was a forward-looking vision and a human heart.

IKEA Black Technology:

Ultimate smart table

In fact, you don't know that IKEA really broke your heart in order to allow us to eat well.

"Meal table" that specializes in eating and playing with mobile phones

For example, this looks like a table without any curiosity.

In fact, it is simply well-intentioned! Do not name "good dinner table" .

Its heating principle is different from other induction cookers.

Energy can only come from - mobile phones. Only heat your phone when you put it in! Put more mobile phones, the higher the degree of heating!

Let's take a look at the advertisements of that year and experience what IKEA mothers have broken. (The video is very short, the traffic party can rest assured to see)

Specialize in various smart desks that you don't know

IKEA also blew out a smart table that specializes in all kinds of unknown, named Table For Living.

You say you don't know what ingredients are in your hand?

It doesn't matter. You can display ingredients by just putting ingredients on it .

You say you don't know how to match?

It doesn't matter. If you let go, you can tell you what you can do together! (Mom is so smart!)

You say you will not deal with ingredients?

It does not matter, it can tell you how to handle the ingredients .

Do not believe? Put cauliflower, immediately showed a detailed cut. (Little wet sister has given me

You say you don't know how much you should put, but you're too lazy to use the cup?

All are small cases. The table can also be used as a kitchen scale to instantly display the weight .

What's more... it can also cook in a hot pot and display the temperature in real time.

After dinner, clean up, the table also supports wireless charging , the phone put up, soak a cup of coffee, which is a desk.

Until now, the meaning of Table For Living was understood.

From cooking to cooking, from charging to office, to a person's life, a single such table is enough! !

IKEA, in this way, based on the current situation, changes our way of life and at the same time takes into account all our 30 years of time.

Not only occupy our home with furniture, but also use "technology" to occupy our stomach and lead our lives.

Seeing now, you know why little wet sister said you don't understand IKEA?

If you also look to the future IKEA this, the intentions of the human heart touched, do not forget the end the thumbs up yo ~

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