What are the characteristics of the new Chinese decoration style?


After the house is handed, the first thing to do next is to decorate. What kind of style is your dream home? It may be that each owner has his own choice, but today I would like to say that the new Chinese style decoration . The new Chinese-style decoration style is a very popular style of decoration in recent years, especially in the large-sized apartment and villa renovation, the new Chinese style is even more favored by many owners. Let me introduce to you the characteristics and taboos of the new Chinese style decoration.

New Chinese style decoration features

1, pay attention to symmetry, pay attention to cultural implications

In the new style of Chinese decoration, from the point of view of accessories, the more common are: paintings, antiques, bonsai, crafts, etc., to embellish the owner's taste and dignity. The wood carving painting is mainly based on wall hangings and has more cultural charm, reflecting the unique charm of the traditional home furnishing culture in the country.

2, pay attention to the level of space

According to the number of family members and the difference in personal density, the functional space for division needs to be made. Partitions or screens can be used. The frame is made of solid wood with engraved carvings and ancient patterns.

3, space decoration more simple and straight line

In the new Chinese style decoration, there is also a very important point is the doors and windows. The main use of scorpions made of squares or other traditional patterns, and the use of solid wood carving into a variety of themes shape, after a series of polished smooth, rich three-dimensional, which more to meet the new Chinese style furniture to pursue a rustic design style, so that "new Chinese style is more modern.

4. New Chinese-style furniture is mainly based on dark colors

From the color of the wall, there are two main characteristics: First, the black and white gray of the Suzhou garden as the keynote; Second, based on the black and white gray, the red, yellow, blue, green, etc. .

New Chinese decoration style taboo

1, can not be abused.

Although the bedroom adopts a Chinese style, the traditional refulgence is, of course, as little as possible. It is recommended that only local decoration be used. If a large area of ​​the room is used by the "false antiques" produced by the decoration workers, it will give people an unpretentious visual experience.

2, traditional items to know the source.

It is understood that some individuals will put large tubs on elegant mahogany tables, but they do not know that the tub was originally used to give children a bath, how can they go to the table? Therefore, it is recommended that everyone use these traditional utensils, we must pay attention to it The original function.

3, color with a lot of stress.

Generally speaking, the colors of new Chinese furniture and accessories are relatively deep and some are gorgeous. When you are arranging them, you need to fully consider the overall color of the space. For example: Rosewood pen holder has a darker color and unique texture. If it is inconsistent with the surrounding environment, it will be difficult to get a certain decorative effect.

Editing summary: The above is about the introduction of the new Chinese style decoration style , no matter what kind of decoration style, as long as you have enough decoration funds, what kind of high-end effects decoration can not come out? Which style of decoration to say the most upscale, of course, is none other than the new Chinese style decoration.

New Chinese style decoration

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