The old house renovation and transformation note how to transform the old house into beautiful and comfortable


When the house is lived for a long time, not only will the wall surface age, but various problems may also arise. If the old house is not renovated in time, it will affect the quality of life of the family. Then what are the considerations for the renovation and renovation of the old house ? If you can make the old house look fresh, then the following article will share these issues with you and look forward to helping those in need.

Renovation and Renovation Considerations for Old Houses - Seizing Structural Safety

When we are renovating old houses, we must first make a thorough understanding of the structure and age of the old houses, and then we can renovate the old houses according to the actual needs. In the main renovation of old houses, we must not tamper with the load-bearing walls. Even if it is a non-bearing wall, it cannot be arbitrarily demolition and alteration, otherwise it may affect the structural safety of the house.

Renovation and Renovation Considerations for Old Houses - Grasp Projects

When you are remodeling your old house, you should also check out the hidden works. If your house's water pipes are rusted and the wires are already aging, you need to re-equip the water and electricity when you make changes. It is worth noting that when people reinstall water and electricity, they will inevitably destroy the original waterproof layer. Therefore, everyone should do waterproofing again.

Old House Renovation Considerations - Old House Wall Refurbishment

The use of the house for years and months will cause aging damage in many places. For example, wall peeling and cracking are common problems in old houses. If your home wall is only slightly peeled, then you only need to scrape the paint off and repaint it; if your home wall is already cracked or seriously damaged, you need to remove both the paint and the putty layer. Putty, spray paint.

Renovation and Renovation Considerations for Old Houses - Doing Well the Basic Project

If you want to transform the old house more beautifully, then the project will be more remodeled. If the floor in your home is seriously worn, it is recommended that you knock out the old brick and re-glaze the glazed tile or polished tile; if the wooden floor in your home is already old, it is better to use the original wooden floor. Renovated or replaced.

Old House Renovation Considerations - Eliminate Termite

In order to make the old house more comfortable and environmentally friendly, when looking at refurbishment of old houses, you should also check for termites in the house. The harm of termites is great. It will not only endanger the structural safety of the house, but also cause harm to people's health. Therefore, all the termites should be exterminated when refurbishing the old house.

The above is related to the renovation of the old house and how to transform the old house into a beautiful and comfortable related sharing, to give you a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, will be brought for everyone later More exciting content.

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