First-line brand finished curtains joining need to know how to buy curtains


The curtains not only can decorate the house well, but also can block the strong sunlight. When the breeze blows, it becomes a beautiful landscape in the home. Where there is a home, there will be curtains, so the market demand is large, and many people have seen the market opportunities to join them, but how can they join the satisfactory brand curtains? Then, the next editor will introduce you to the front line What do you need to know about joining a brand's finished curtain ? How to buy curtains?

What are the first-line brand finished curtains to join

1. What do you need to pay attention to when joining the first-line brand finished curtains? At present, the first-line brands on the market include Xiaoxuan Windows, Jinchan, Moulin Rouge, Molick, and Tiger, etc. Now the curtain market is basically finished products, because the demand for finished products is occupied Most of the market, so most manufacturers are joining the finished products. If you want to join a first-line brand, first of all, you need sufficient funds. Generally, the first-line brand's joining fee will be more expensive, because the product itself is also more expensive.

2. Secondly, to join the first-line brand, it also depends on whether the city where you want to operate the store can bear it. Market analysis of the regional consumption capacity and concept. If consumers do not understand the quality of the brand, they will feel that the price is too high. The sales prospects and positioning need to be investigated.

3. Finally, the region is more suitable for the positioning of second- and third-tier brands, so when you join, you need to do more inspections to see the size and production model of the manufacturer and follow-up services, so that follow-up can be assured of joining.

How to buy curtains

1. Material

When choosing curtains, start by understanding the texture of the curtains. When choosing materials, we have to consider the use of regional functions. For example, the materials for kitchens and bathrooms must be practical and easy to clean, because the fabrics used must withstand grease and steam. Pollution; while the materials of the living room and dining room choose beautiful and luxurious fabrics. If you need sufficient light like a bay window or balcony, then choose a silk, tulle or cotton fabric. This is how the material is used.

2, suit

The colors of curtains are also various, mainly selected according to personal preferences, but it is also very important to match the style of home improvement. Generally speaking, with modern minimalism or North American style, you can choose white, gray, linen and other more plain colors, suitable. If the home decoration style is European or simple European, you can choose the brighter colors such as gold and brown to match. In this way, the matching of the entire room will be more coordinated.

Editor's conclusion: The above content is about the details of joining the first-line brand finished curtains and what you need to pay attention to when buying curtains. I hope to help you. I believe that after you understand the above, you will know more about the matters that need to be paid attention to when joining, and will be more helpful to joining.

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First-line brand finished curtain joining

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