What are the advantages of the new Chinese-style back wall in the new Chinese TV back wall?


The background wall in the decoration is also of great concern to everyone. The background wall occupies a very important role in the wall. The style of the background wall directly affects the style of the entire home improvement. Sometimes we don't know how to choose a wall. You will search online, or learn what other friends' walls are like, and then design your own. There is a new type of wall that is now more popular, that is, the new Chinese-style wall, which not only retains the traditional charm, but also incorporates modern elements. Below we will introduce the new Chinese TV back wall .


1. What styles are there in the new Chinese TV back wall?

1. Do you know what Chinese people know about Chinese style? Chinese style means more traditional culture. Generally, this kind of culture wants to be embodied in concrete things, and it will have patterns or shapes with Chinese characteristics. For example, Chinese knots, landscape paintings, and landscape paintings are generally more ink paintings.

2, there are many will choose national flowers, such as peony, bamboo and the like, China's unique plants, these are Chinese culture. It is also a spiritual blessing to choose plants with good meaning when choosing plants.

3, there is another style that has been passed down from ancient times. Hollow technology, the current hollow wall will incorporate more modern elements, such as the use of color, as well as the design of the hollow pattern. Not a single flower and animal. There will be many irregular patterns or designs of Xiangyun. There are many styles, we can determine according to their own preferences.


Second, the advantages of the new Chinese TV back wall

1. The new Chinese-style background wall blends ancient culture and is a good way to show ancient culture. Some people prefer landscape painting. Landscape painting is a representative of China's heritage culture. In ancient times, many celebrities were all landscape paintings. We can move these landscape paintings to the wall. This way the whole atmosphere of the family is more charming.

2. The background wall adopts the new Chinese style. When the decoration is in other places, it is also very well decorated. Moreover, the Chinese style is relatively durable. Even if it has been for many years, it will not be outdated. You don’t have to worry about the time. Will be outdated.


Third, choose the new Chinese TV back wall is to pay attention to what

1. When we choose the background wall, the pattern above is very heavy. If you choose to install a hollow shelf on the wall, this is also a convenient way to decorate, but pay attention to the color matching, you can not choose too bright color, pure wood or white, the inner frame and the outer frame should be the same color.

2, we can choose the pattern according to your favorite paintings or plants. You can't choose a painting that is too bright in color. If the color is very eye-catching, there is no connotation. The Chinese style is connotation. For example, bamboo indicates a high wind festival. Peony indicates that wealth and so on. The background wall is not only for good looks, but also for people's good sustenance.

I talked about the style of the new Chinese TV back wall, what do you like? When we are decorating, we can determine what kind of wall we choose based on our different patterns. Specific analysis of the specific situation. The decorative wall is to make the home decoration more beautiful. So no matter what kind of decoration style is important, you can like it. If you want to know more about home decoration knowledge, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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