How to decorate to save money, decorate the style of the house


House decoration will be designed first, but we still have to think about economic problems before design. If the economic conditions are limited, we must design a way to save money. Otherwise, it will exceed our expectations after renovation, so Even if it is good before the renovation, then how to save money to save money ? What are the styles of decoration? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, how to save money to save money

1. At present, there are many decorative materials stores and supermarkets. As long as you visit a few more, you can ask about the real price on the market. Then, let the decoration company list the detailed material quotation and let it estimate the amount to prevent some decoration companies from “cutting the work”. To achieve "knowing ourselves and knowing each other" can better negotiate with the decoration company, and work out a reasonable budget for the materials needed for the entire renovation.

2. Light decoration is to find a decoration company, the general large decoration company will be packaged to the foreman, the foreman will find someone to give you decoration, some only labor, some are labor and materials (such as water pipes, wires, etc.). The small decoration company took care of itself. Whether it is looking for a decoration company or a foreman, from this step, it has been pitted. Most people don't understand the quality of materials. They have to look at the Internet more. The price fluctuations are not big, but the materials and artificial processes are thousands of soils. Different.

3. Nowadays people always have their own considerations about the structure of the house, but before you decide to remove something, you must think twice before you go. On the one hand, we need to know which ones can be dismantled and which ones can't be dismantled. On the other hand, we must know that the cost of demolition and construction is as much, and it is much easier to build and tear. So be sure to make sure it is necessary before making a decision.


Second, what are the styles of decoration?

1. The Chinese style is too complicated and difficult to decorate, so people combine the current fashion elements with the Chinese classical elements to create a very popular new Chinese style. The new Chinese style is equipped with a large number of modern minimalist elements, while the traditional Chinese furnishings are preserved in the soft-fit and furniture layout. The new Chinese style is favored by many successful people because it can show the owner's economic strength and cultural cultivation.

2. European style mainly refers to Western classical style. This style emphasizes the graceful decoration, the strong colors and the exquisite shape to achieve the graceful decoration effect. The top of the European living room likes to use a large light pool and create an atmosphere with gorgeous chandeliers. The upper part of the door and window is made into a circular arc shape, and is lined with a plaster line with a pattern. Two luxurious Roman columns are placed at the entrance to the hall, and the interior has a real fireplace or a fake fireplace.

3. The Mediterranean style has a unique aesthetic. Generally choose natural soft colors, pay attention to spatial matching in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, set decoration and apply to one, avoid trivial in combination and match, look generous, natural, exude the ancient distinguished pastoral atmosphere and culture. grade.

Renovated houses are designed in style, but the economic aspects are also to be considered, so how to decorate and save money and decoration styles, through the above must introduce everyone to understand these issues, then if you want For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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