Which decoration company recommends 5 reliable decoration companies


At present, the decoration industry is very popular, so there are many decoration companies on the market, they provide decoration services for people who need decoration. Finding a decoration company is more awesome than the decoration itself in terms of decoration effect, decoration quality and decoration efficiency. So, do you know which decoration company is better? Next, the editor recommends 5 reliable decoration companies.

Dongyi Risheng

Which decoration company is better? Come and learn about Lower East Yirisheng! This company has always been referred to by industry insiders as "the leader in the Chinese decoration industry" in terms of the time when it was founded or the scale of operations. The brand value of the market has been evaluated to 1.32 billion, mainly based on the home furnishing industry chain and serving customers.

Light boat

The company is currently well-known in China, and there are dozens of chain stores in Beijing, with a business model of more than 20 years. Through continuous efforts, Qingzhou is now the most influential decoration company in our domestic home furnishing industry. It is also one of the top 50 fast growing chain companies in the Chinese decoration industry in 2008.


Vanke Chain Home is a well-known decoration company in Beijing (Van Chain for short). It is an innovative enterprise dedicated to quickly solving the troubles of home decoration. Wanchain integrates the strong advantages of the parent company (Vanke) and provides users with "three highs and one lows"-high-quality, high-trust, high-service, low-risk assured services, providing customers with more efficient services.


Which decoration company is better? Longfa in Beijing is also a good choice! The company is a well-known decoration company in Beijing. It has been established for more than 20 years now. It is a large AAA-level enterprise in the decoration and construction industry. It has more than 500 superb construction teams, has many years of decoration construction experience, has created a first-class decoration technology level, and is a safe choice for consumers with high-quality environmentally friendly materials and services.


Jiuding was founded in 1998. The company is mainly engaged in the design and construction of office buildings, hotels, shops, villas, residences and other decoration companies. Jiuding has the second-class qualification for architectural decoration, and the first-class qualification for residential decoration is Zhejiang Province. The largest enterprise in the interior decoration industry. At the same time, to provide consumers with the best quality service concept has always been Jiuding's purpose.

Editor's Conclusion: The above is the 5 most reliable decoration companies and decoration companies recommended by this editor. Which content is good? I hope to help everyone. If you have any decoration needs in the future, you can refer to these decoration companies to serve you more assured.

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Which decoration company is good

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