The shed planting cucumber is currently focused on four pests and diseases.


In recent years, the types of cucumber diseases in winter sheds have increased year by year, causing different degrees of damage to cucumber production. The following four pests and diseases need to be controlled.

First, bacterial angular spot disease

At the beginning of the disease, it is a fresh green water-immersed spot, which gradually turns into a light brown color. The lesion is limited by the veins and has a polygonal shape, grayish brown or yellowish brown. When the humidity is high, the leaves are covered with milky white turbid watery beaded liquid, and white after drying. Traces, the diseased parts are brittle and easy to perforate. The lesions on the stem, petiole and fruit are water-stained round spots with white mucus when wet and white after drying. Prevention: It can be sprayed with agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 1000 times solution, or 30% DT bactericide 500 times solution, or 5% chlorothalonil dust 1000 times solution at the beginning of the disease.

Second, blight

Fusarium wilt is extremely viable and can survive in the soil for more than 5 years. Excessive nitrogen fertilizer, acid soil is more serious. The plots with many root-knot nematodes and large-water flooding plots are more serious. Prevention: In the early stage of the disease, spray with 50% carbendazim WP 500 times or 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 800 times, or 70% dexamethasone WP 1000 times or 50% The roots were washed with 800 times liquid, 250 ml per plant, and once every 7 days, and continuously poured 3 times. Grafting is also an ideal method for controlling cucumber wilt. The roots are developed with low temperature and resistance to wilt disease, and the black box pumpkin is used as the rootstock. Cucumber is used as the scion, and it is connected or docked. The disease prevention effect is excellent.

Third, downy mildew

In the early stage of the disease, small spots of watery yellowish irregular shape appear on the leaf back or leaf margin. With the development of the disease, the lesions gradually expand and are restricted by the veins to form a polygonal macula. When the disease is serious, the small lesions merge into large lesions, and in the wet condition, the gray-black mold layer grows on the back of the lesion. The diseased leaves develop from the bottom up, and in severe cases, the whole plant leaves die. Prevention and treatment: First of all, it is necessary to apply sufficient base fertilizer, appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, cultivation of strong seedlings, watering under the membrane, and reducing the number of watering. Increase ventilation and reduce air humidity. Optional 25% toxic WP WP 800-1000 times solution, 75% chlorothalonil WP 500-600 times solution, 72% ke WP 600-800 times solution, 72% Plex water 600-1000 times liquid spray. You can also use 20-30 grams of chlorothalonil to smoke the shed every acre. The drug is administered once every 7-10 days and continuously controlled 3-5 times.

Root knot nematode disease

The symptoms of cucumber root knot nematode disease are mainly manifested in the roots, the symptoms of the mild diseased plants are not obvious, and the severely ill strains are dwarf, stunted, and not good, and wilting at noon under drought conditions. When the diseased melon is pulled up, it will be found that there are tumor-like root knots of different sizes on the lateral roots or fibrous roots. Some appear beaded, the root system becomes thicker, the root knot is dissected, and there is a small milky root knot nematode in the diseased tissue. Control: It can be used to deepen the soil, fill the water at idle time, increase the application of decomposed organic fertilizer, etc., root knot nematode disease occurs during the growth of cucumber, 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 1500 times solution or 30% Jiasheng microcapsule suspension emulsion 500 Double root solution, 0.25-0.5 kg per solution, usually 1 time.

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