Small and medium-sized steel mills are not optimistic about the price reduction of the first building materials market


I still remember that in the second half of July, a round of steel price hikes, even in Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other major steel mills to cut August prices, domestic small and medium steel mills building materials prices have been raised, driving from the end of July A round of steel prices rose. Now, when Baosteel and other major steel mills actively raise the price of steel in October, some small steel mills have already lowered their prices.

It is understood that the prices of building materials in some steel mills have declined: on September 14, Tianjin Jiangtian lowered the ex-factory price of channel steel and I-beam by 20 yuan/ton; on September 14, Xingtai Longhai lowered the ex-factory price of wire rod by 50 yuan/ton; On September 14th, Xilin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. lowered the ex-factory price of rebar and wire rod by RMB 30/ton; on September 15, Hebei Qianjin Steel lowered the ex-factory price of Q235 2.5mm* (235-290) hot-rolled narrow strip steel by RMB 70/ton; September On the 15th, Fujian Huiyuan Group lowered the ex-factory price of straight seam welded pipe and hot-dip galvanized pipe by RMB 50/ton; on September 15, Linggang lowered the price of wire rod by RMB 60/ton.

According to monitoring, the prices of building materials in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and Jinan are all 10-30 yuan/ton. In the less than half a month after the price of steel rose, there was another fall. Xu Xiaokun, a business analyst, believes that there are two main factors: First, the profit-taking of the merchants, the rapid increase in the price of the previous period makes the merchants profit more, and it is also inevitable that there is an impulse to fall into the bag; second, after all, the terminal demand is not Too obvious, in the current situation, if the steel price increase is too large, it will bring greater resistance to the terminal demand. Therefore, the steel mill should try to avoid blindly chasing high, and the small shock is mainly profit.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the transaction in the building materials market is relatively light, and the telephone volume is also significantly reduced. The transaction volume of large households is about 300 tons. Xu Xiaokun, a business analyst, believes that September 15 is an important node, and the price cuts of small and medium-sized steel mills may be like a wave of rising trend in late July this year, which in turn will bring a wave of price cuts to the building materials market in September. .

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