Breakthrough nanotechnology: PcomP nanocomposite cermet coating


MesoCoat's PcomP nanocomposite cermet coating was selected as a “breakthrough nanotechnology” by an online nanotechnology forum (EPNanoNet), which may be beneficial for the detection and production of the oil and gas industry.

This cermet coating contains solid lubricant nanoparticles and other ceramic nanoparticles that are hard and durable and are formed by high velocity oxygen flame thermal spraying techniques. It can be used for wear and corrosion resistance of parts working in extreme environments of the oil and gas industry. Due to the extremely low coefficient of friction and high hardness of this coating material, its lifetime can reach 10 times that of carbide and hard chrome coatings in sliding wear applications. This nanocomposite coating also improves ductility, toughness and flaking resistance compared to diamond-like carbon, tungsten carbide or alumina ceramic coatings.


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