Introduction to diamond electroplated grinding wheel


The electroplated grinding wheel is a new type of glass edging tool. It has a novel structure and uniform plating.

The use of electroplated grinding wheels for glass edging has a fast speed, long life, low cost and wide application range. The product quality is good, the precision of the curved fine grinding edge is high, and the 1×45° right angle rough grinding edge can also be poured. It is safe to produce, low in labor intensity, and improves working conditions. Φ200mm grinding wheel grinding glass thickness 3~12mm, grinding edge precision 4~6, processing efficiency is 8~10 times of the old process, and the service life is 20,000~40m/piece. Nearly 30 units using the grinding wheel have achieved good economic benefits, and the products are in short supply. This kind of edging wheel is the first in China, which is equivalent to the advanced level of similar products in the 1980s.

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