The difference between hand drill, impact drill, electric hammer and electric pick


1: Hand drill, impact drill (such as the difference between Bosch GSB13 and GSB13RE): With RE's function of reverse rotation and electronic shifting, it can control the forward and reverse rotation of the machine, and control the speed of the machine, except for normal drilling operations. In addition, it can also tighten the screw nut and work as an electric screwdriver. Only drills can be used without RE, there is no positive and negative speed regulation, and the screws cannot be tightened. The difference between GSB10RE and GSB13RE lies in the diameter and power of the drill hole. The 13RE is definitely wider than the 10RE. The machine is selected according to the diameter of the individual drill hole.

2: The difference between hand drill and impact drill: hand drill can only be used for drilling metal, wood, or screwing, etc., can not be mixed with dirt. The impact drill removes the drilled metal and the wood, and can drill the brick wall and the ordinary concrete.

3: The difference between impact drill and electric hammer: the impact drill drills the metal and the wood, and can drill the brick wall and ordinary concrete. However, if it is poured to strengthen the concrete, the impact drill will be more difficult and impact. The drill can't penetrate the wall (because the impact drill is impacted by the impact of two impact gears, and the electric hammer is the impact of the cylinder piston movement, so the hammer impact is much larger than the ordinary impact drill). If you want to be harder. Drilling of concrete requires high drilling efficiency, or drilling in concrete for a long time, or selecting a hammer for penetrating the wall.

4: But for the family, the impact drill is more suitable for the home user. Although the electric hammer can be mounted on the wall and can also be loaded with the post chuck, it can also hit the iron. However, the accuracy of the hammer on the chuck is not impactful. Because the electric hammer is most suitable for wall-operating work, the impact drill seems to have a wide range of functions. If you are doing a little work in your own home and drilling a small hole to hang something on the wall, the impact drill is the best choice for home users.

5: Impact drill point: The impact drill only hangs the impact gear when hitting the wall. At other times, all the electric drill gears are used. The impact drill can be used for tile. The main points of use: Method 1: You can directly use the impact drill to make tiles. The speed starts slowly, slowly increases, and the tiles do not crack. Method 2: If the newbie is afraid of cracking the tile, the ceramic drill can be used to drill the tile. The corners of the tiles are most likely to crack. At this time, the glass drill can be used to penetrate the tiles (the glass drill must be filled with water), and then the impact drill is used to drive into the concrete. When drilling, you must pay attention to the direction of rotation of the drill chuck, turn to the right to rotate forward, the hole must be forward, otherwise the reversal can not be broken, it is easier to break the drill bit (the home installation pendant needs to be accurately aligned horizontally, Laser line gauge is recommended)

6: If the customer chooses 2 electric hammer (electric hammer and electric drill function), when drilling the wall, only need to directly insert the drill into the electric hammer, you can use it. If you use the electric drill function, such as hitting iron, you must use it. Posts and drill chucks, during use, please note that when using the drill function to install the post and the collet, the gear position must be placed on the drill position, and must not be hung in the impact position, otherwise The post is easily deformed by the impact, causing the post to jam.

7: What does eDonkey mean? If you want to buy a hammer, just to drill holes in the concrete, you don't need any other functions, then you can choose a single function electric hammer. (Electric function is the machine light impact, the drill does not turn, the wall, tile, etc. can be shaved, the chiseling operation is electric, if the customer needs this function, please choose the electric hammer type 2)

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