The technical working principle of adapting to the threshold


Three technology detectors combine microwave detection technology, infrared detection technology, and micro-processing technology.
Built-in microprocessors can also use adaptive detection threshold processing technology. Its working principle is: The microprocessor "analyzes" various signals in the field, performs analog-to-digital conversion processing on the input signals, and automatically adjusts the detection threshold to shield various noise interference sources so that the detector can accurately recognize the signal. Human intrusion and noise signals increase the resistance to false alarms.

For the manufacturer, setting the detector's alarm discrimination threshold is a big challenge. If the threshold is set too low, the detector is prone to false alarms; if it is set too high, the detector cannot respond enough to the intrusion event. Lecor's intelligent digital signal processing technology (DSP) provides users with real-time adaptive discrimination thresholds to adapt to intruders passing through the infrared detection area at different rates. The detection performance is far better than the preset fixed judgment threshold. The detector, as shown in Figure 2.

Products using digital signal adaptive threshold detection technology include: RK315DT outdoor detector, RK200DT industrial ceiling sensor, RWT92P wireless passive infrared detector, etc.

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