Bay window material selection is the most important


The bay window has now become an indispensable part of a modern home. In winter, you can bathe in the sun and lie in the sky and watch the stars in the sky. To create a warm bay window, suitable material for the countertop is very important. The following are some of the mainstream floating window countertop materials.

To create a warm floating window countertop, it is important to choose the right countertop material. The following are some of the mainstream floating window countertop materials:

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1, stone categories: artificial stone is the most common floating window countertop material, the advantage is not afraid of the tide, will not be deformed, easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it will be cold in the cold winter. If you like to linger on the window sill, you must make a blanket.

The advantages of natural stone are the same as that of artificial stone. It is only cheaper than artificial stone in terms of price. However, it is worth noting that natural stone is radiation. The radiation level of marble is divided into three categories: Class A radiation is the smallest, Class B is the second, and Class C is the largest. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing Class A for use indoors. Try not to choose bright colored marble. Granite radiation is stronger than marble, so you can't choose not to choose. Selecting natural stone for floating window tops is more economical, but it should be noted that the window base must be flat and it is best to use cement to fix it, otherwise it will crack easily.

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2, woodworking board categories: do with wood panels do not feel cold in winter, looks relatively simple, the disadvantage is that a long time is easy to be sun deformation, if you encounter the window is also easy to damp rain, to the winter window There will also be a lot of condensed water droplets flow to the table, but also make the deck of the wood board moisture deformation. The sauna board solves the defects of the wood board in the aspect of moisture proof, but the sauna board has a single color and it is also decorated with other fabrics and the like.

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