Sino-Russian Natural Gas Negotiations Breaking Through the Construction of Russian or Joint Stock Pipeline


Sino-Russian natural gas negotiations ushered in "new ideas": Russia will take part in the construction of China's natural gas pipelines, and China will participate in natural gas development in Russia's upper reaches. In addition, experts also suggested that the Sino-Russian natural gas negotiations that have long disputed Russia's liberalization of China's downstream retail market once again came with good "hints." On June 6, the official website of China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “PetroChina”) issued a press release stating that “the Russian Deputy Prime Minister who accompanied Russian President Putin’s visit to Russia, the President of Russian Oil Company Sechin, and the president of Russia’s oil pipeline transportation company Tokarye He arrived in Beijing on the afternoon of June 5 and later visited China National Petroleum Corporation. Jiang Jiemin, chairman of CNPC, held in-depth talks with Russia on energy cooperation.

"Energy has always been a topic of focus between China and Russia." On June 6, energy expert Lim Bo-keung told the "International Finance" reporter that "China-Russian natural gas negotiations are even more important in the Sino-Russian energy talks." It is foreseeable that not only the company level but also the leaders of China and Russia will take this opportunity to discuss the matter.”

The negotiations over a period of more than 10 years Almost every high-level meeting between Chinese and Russian leaders met with Sino-Russian talks on natural gas. What is less well-known is that the negotiations between the two sides have been going on for more than a decade. “Every negotiation ends up in a rally.” Lin Boqiang told reporters, “In the final analysis, the difference between the two parties' psychological prices is too great.”

"Russia hopes to supply China's natural gas prices in line with international standards, that is, in line with the price sent to Europe: between 300 US dollars and 400 US dollars/cubic meter." A gas analyst previously told the "International Financial News" reporter, " However, China insists on lower prices.On the one hand, China's domestic natural gas prices (ex-factory price is less than 1,200 yuan) are very different from the 'international standards', and consumers cannot accept such high Russian oil and gas all at once; At the company level, the downstream market cannot raise prices. It can only be undertaken by companies and countries, but the risk of huge losses will obviously not be accepted by PetroChina."

"New ideas" may become a breakthrough. However, both sides' "frustration" was first taken by Putin in October last year. At the time, Putin, who was visiting China as prime minister, gave a positive signal: “The talks on natural gas issues are not far from the end.” Another positive news from the media is that “the price gap between the two sides for each thousand cubic meters of natural gas Reduced to $50/cubic meter."

Later, Sino-Russian natural gas negotiations ushered in "new ideas" - during a visit to Russia in April this year, Vice Premier Li Keqiang proposed: Russia participates in the construction of China's natural gas pipelines, and China participates in natural gas development in Russia's upper reaches, "using such a new idea Crack the price of natural gas." In fact, there was news in October last year that "CIC intends to participate in the privatization process that Rosneft plans to launch in 2012."

"This line of thinking may become a breakthrough," Lin Boqiang said. "At the very least, we can try to smooth out the original price gap between Russia and China. Now, it depends on the art of negotiation."

Lin Boqiang also suggested that in order to shorten the negotiation time as much as possible, China may add another weight: appropriate to Rosneft to open China's downstream retail market, this move can significantly strengthen the shortcomings of Russian oil companies, and increase their profit. ”

It is worth noting that the above-mentioned PetroChina press release quoted Jiang Jiemin as saying, “Sechin and Tokarev first visited China’s oil after they arrived in China, and created an opportunity for us to have in-depth exchanges with the Russian oil company and the Russian oil pipeline transportation company. PetroChina will continue to promote the in-depth development of China-Russia energy strategic cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win results according to the energy cooperation framework agreement signed by the two governments."

“Aside from all kinds of controversy, in general, China-Russia energy cooperation is itself mutually beneficial.” An energy expert once told the “International Financial News” reporter that “Russia has access to China and the Chinese market, and China has received much-needed oil and natural gas resources. ."

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