Peak of Passenger Terminal Welcomes Passenger: Full Face Monitoring for Face Recognition


Shandong Jiaotong Group’s six long-distance bus terminals, including Jinan Coach Station, South Station Terminal, East Bus Station, Pingyin Bus Station, Zhangqiu Bus Station, and Bus Station, take various measures to welcome the upcoming “Double Sections” Passenger peak.

Security: face recognition + alcohol detection + full monitoring in Shandong Jinan Coach Terminal, each bus must pass the card review before entering and leaving the station area. After the shuttle bus is in place, the driver must pass through procedures such as face recognition and alcohol detection. The security monitoring center dynamically monitors the occupants and running vehicles through GPS and 3G video, and immediately alerts them through SMS and voice prompts in case of irregularities. Passengers entering the station need to go through security inspections, Moore detectors for security checks, put an end to "three products" into the station.

Capacity: Additional Vehicles + Line Options + Perimeter Support According to the forecast of the traffic department, highway traffic volume in Shandong Province will increase sharply during the holiday season, and minibuses will increase by 20%-30%. To this end, Shandong Cargo Group prepared more than 500 buses as spare capacity on the basis of more than 3,000 regular trips. In the event of passenger peaking, the city's transportation department will promptly call neighboring cities to support Jinan.

A guideline for double circuit operation was prepared in advance, the preferred route and alternative route were determined, and the detour route was selected. Under the premise of serious congestion on the preferred route, start the alternative route in time.

Ticket sales: Addition window + advance ticket booking + free ticket delivery The six major passenger stations of Shandong Airlines have introduced a number of preferential measures, pre-sale tickets for 20 days in advance, tickets for bookings 10 days in advance, 24 hours for online bookings, and air tickets for on-site sales. In addition to ticket sales, each station also doubled the number of ticket windows than usual. Tickets were booked at 5 tickets, and teachers, active service personnel, and retired cadres had a 10% discount on valid documents, and revolutionary disabled soldiers had valid certificates. Enjoy half price discount; 10% discount on valid ticket with senior citizen's card and 10% VIP membership card; 10% discount on group chartered car and set up in some large hospitals, business gathering places ticket office.

In addition, the Shandong shipping reminded the general public: Try to avoid the "black car."

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