Xenon lamp product characteristics



First, the color temperature of the xenon lamp is 3000K to 12000K, of which the color temperature of 6000K is similar to that of sunlight, but it contains more green and blue components, so it shows blue-white light. This blue-and-white light greatly increases the brightness of road signs and signs.

Second, the HID is three times brighter than the halogen lamp, which has a significant effect on improving the visibility of the driving line at night and in the fog.

Third, xenon lamps emit more than twice the luminous flux of halogen lamps, and the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy is also more than 70% higher than that of halogen lamps. Therefore, xenon lamps have relatively high energy density and light intensity. The increased brightness of the car's headlights also effectively expands the visual range in front of the car, creating a safer driving condition.

Fourth, power saving 1/2, halogen lamps consume more than 60W of electricity, xenon lamps only need 35W of electricity.

Fifth, because the xenon lamp has no filament, there is no problem of scrapping due to filament breakage. The service life is much longer than that of the halogen lamp. The service life of the xenon lamp is equivalent to the total running time of the average life cycle of the car.

Sixth, if the xenon lamp fails, it will not be extinguished instantly, but will be extinguished by gradually dimming (or quickly lighting), so that the driver can win time in the night driving, and emergency stop.

Seven, Xenon headlights do not generate extra glare and will not cause interference to drivers coming to the car.


First, the concentrating is not good, there are two factors in the absence of concentrating:

1, the light bulb and the light cup are not properly matched.

2, the installation is not in place or not debugged.

Second, the fault light is bright because the original car's bulb loss power is large (55W), the xenon lamp power is small (35W), so after the modification, its power is not enough and the alarm, as the xenon lamp, its starting current is 8A, and the original car It is 6.2A Kaicheng, so the line setting of the original car does not match. Need to go to the 4S shop to change the circuit mode.

Third, the automatic flameout is caused by electromagnetic interference caused by excessive starting current. This can be used to keep the ballast away from the engine or to switch to a low current starter.

Fourth, the problem is mainly reflected in the hippocampus, especially the 323, because it is powered by the dimming line and the power is directly taken from the battery. The power supply of the headlights is too light, so it does not light after the xenon lamp is installed. It is necessary to install a loop, otherwise the high beam indicator will not light. If the loop is installed incorrectly after installing the telescopic lamp, it will easily cause the light to sway due to insufficient high beam power supply. Especially for telescopic lamps below 1,000 yuan, the high beam jitter is more obvious when the road surface is uneven. You can find a professional to install the circuit with the correct voltage, or buy a xenon lamp of more than 1,000 yuan to solve.


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