What should I pay attention to when using furniture?


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1) Newly bought furniture should not be rushed into the living room. It is best to put it in an empty room and use it after a while. New furniture purchased by newly renovated homes, it is best not to rush to stay, let the harmful gases in the furniture release as soon as possible.

2) Be sure to pay attention when using the wardrobe made of wood-based panels. Try not to put underwear, pajamas and children's clothing inside. Because formaldehyde is an allergen, when the amount of formaldehyde released from the fiber to the skin exceeds a certain limit, it will cause allergic dermatitis, which is distributed in the chest, back, shoulders, elbows, thighs and feet of the human body. Wait. The quilt placed in the closet in summer should also be noted that it will absorb a large amount of formaldehyde, and it must be used after it is fully cooled.

3) Fabric sofas should not only pay attention to fabrics, but also pay more attention to the filling materials. The materials used for filling materials should be solid and evenly elastic. No matter whether it is pressed or squeezed, it can rebound quickly after releasing pressure, and there is no pollutant.

4) Take some effective purification measures and materials in the room and furniture to reduce the harmful gases released by the furniture. The Indoor Environment Testing Center of China Interior Decoration Association has developed a device for specifically adsorbing formaldehyde in the wardrobe according to the requirements of consumers. It will be put into the market soon.

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