Structural types and signs of explosion-proof electrical equipment


Explosion-proof electrical structure types and signs: Flameproof structure: Put all the live parts in a shell, and it will not spread to the surrounding explosion environment when there is an explosion inside the shell; Increased safety type explosion-proof mechanism: only for potential The ignition of electrical equipment, to take additional mechanical or electrical safety measures, can prevent the occurrence of incidents such as obvious sources of ignition; intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure: its characteristics are in normal conditions, or in abnormal conditions In the following, the energy consumed in the circuit is controlled so that the spark or high temperature portion can be prevented from becoming an apparent or potential ignition source in an explosive environment.

Positive pressure type explosion-proof structure: It is the electrical equipment with obvious or potential ignition source, isolates the part that easily becomes the ignition source from the surrounding environment with the protection gas, so that the explosive environment and the ignition source cannot coexist; the oil-filled explosion-proof structure: Explosion-proof electrical equipment with obvious or potential to take oil-filling measures, will be part of the ignition source can be isolated from the surrounding explosion environment, so that the explosive environment and the ignition source can not coexist; sand explosion-proof structure: filled with sand in the shell Under the specified conditions of use, the arc generated within the housing, the propagating flame, the surface of the shell wall or grit material shall not ignite the surrounding explosive mixture.

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