Flat glass traditional molding method


The main forming methods of flat glass are manual molding and mechanical molding.

Hand molding

There are mainly blowing, smashing, and blowing methods. These methods have been gradually eliminated due to low production efficiency and poor glass surface quality, and are only used when producing art glass.

Mechanical forming

There are mainly calendering, slotted vertical lead, counter roller (also known as Asahi), slotless vertical lead, flat pull and float.

The calendering method is produced by rolling and annealing a glass liquid in a melting furnace by a calender roll, and is mainly used for producing a Wire (net) glass and an embossed glass.

The processes of slot vertical introduction, roll method, and slotless vertical introduction are basically similar. The glass is passed through the trough brick or roller, or the brick is fixed by the guide brick, and the glass is placed on the asbestos roller. The belt is pulled up, and the flat glass is continuously produced by annealing, cooling, and continuous. The flat pull method is to turn the glass vertically into the horizontal direction by means of a steering roller. These methods were common slab glass production processes before the 1970s.

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