Ice jade shopping tips


Ice jade shopping tips:

1 look at the color.

See if the color is pure, rich, even, and use a spotlight to check for hidden variegated colors. It is better for the color to be rich, pure, uniform, and the impurities are small. Emerald green has a higher price, followed by red and purple. In the green, the fresh, slightly yellowish three-water-containing seedling green (also known as "Yangtze" green) is the best, followed by gem green, river green, and oil green, all of which are evenly distributed in green.

2 Observe transparency.

Observed under strong light, the higher the transparency, the better.

3 listen to the sound.

It is better to have a crisp and sweet sound.

4 observe the green and stone flowers.

In the observation of light, there are other mineral particles in the jade (ie, green), and often have a mass of white flowers, called stone flowers. Both are less good.

5 Look at cracks and dark spots.

Some of the cracks are present in the ore, and some are caused by processing, and less is good; the black spots are black spots everywhere in the jade, and it is also small and small.

6 look at the processing level.

The surface is smooth, polished and in good shape.

Ice jade maintenance and precautions:

Jade jewelry should be stored in a single piece to avoid collision and friction.

Main identification feature

Cui nature: Regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as you carefully observe on the polished surface, you can usually see the variegated interweaving structure of the piebald.

Density and Refractive Index: Jadeite has a high density and sinks rapidly in tribromomethane, while similar nephrite, serpentine jade, grape stone, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floated in tribromomethane.

The water-holding is strong: that is, a drop of water is dripped on the finished jadeite, and the water droplets are raised higher. Two forms of jadeite crystals can be seen on a piece of jade, one is a slightly larger granular phenocryst, and the other is a fibrous small crystal intertwined near the phenocryst. Wear jadeite should pay attention to maintenance, so that it will last for a long time

After the jade is collided and rubbed, it may lose its luster or even break.

Wash quickly with warm soapy water to remove surface dust and oil, then gently wipe with cotton and alcohol, and finally dry in the air, not exposed to sunlight.

Stone flower: There are small clumps in the jade, and the white fiber-like crystals with poor transparency are intertwined with stone flowers.

Color: The color of the jade is uneven. It is accompanied by a different shade of green or black on the base of white, enamel pink, oil cyan, and bean green. The difference between this stone flower and phenocryst is that the plaque is transparent, and the stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque. Be careful not to drop when wearing.

Inclusions: The black mineral inclusions in the jade are mostly melted, and the edges of the particles are loosely cloud-like. The green color becomes dark near the black inclusions, and there is a saying that "green leaves with black." In general, the size of the plaque particles of the unified block jade is average.

Gloss: The emerald has a bright luster and a good polish. It is bright and SOFT with a strong glass luster.

In short, the main identification characteristics of jadeite are: uneven color, prolonged green trend; strong glass luster with oil; plaque interweaving structure; cool feeling, the color does not change under the Charles mirror. There is also a shame on the green background. The emerald has a refractive index of about 1.66 (point test), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

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