Factors determining the quality of welding and methods for ensuring the quality of welding bevels in the past


1. Selection of welding parameters The welding current is too large, the weld microstructure is coarse, which affects the performance; the welding current is too small, the welding heat input is small, and it is easy to cause welding defects such as incomplete penetration and unfusion, and the work efficiency is low. In addition, if the wind is large in the welding environment, it is easy to generate pores and the like.

2. Uniform cutting of groove cutting The cutting of the groove is the basis of welding. The quality of the welding groove will determine the welding quality. According to the standard diameter, the geometric tolerance required for the 4m cutting groove is 3mm, so only the roundness <3mm can ensure the weld is uniform and beautiful.

3. Welding operator level and experience Groove welding has high requirements for the level and experience of the operator. If the operator shakes the welding torch during operation, it is easy to make the weld be uneven, causing slag inclusion and severe cracking. Therefore, the operator's stable welding technology is also an important factor in determining the welding quality.

Therefore, to ensure good welding quality, it is necessary to overcome the above disadvantages. Parameters such as welding current can be guaranteed by welding process qualification; the welding environment is guaranteed by improving the facility. The improved technical level of the bevel cutting and welding operators has become an important factor affecting the quality of the welding. In the production process, the grooves of many cylinders are machined by a planer. However, due to the problem of the tool stroke, some of the barrel sections of the mixer with the transition groove, the ring gear frame and the mill flange cannot be diced on the edge planer. However, the quality of manual cutting cannot reach uniformity, so the vertical lathe is selected for processing to ensure the quality of the groove. However, due to the choice of the vertical car, the processing cost and the turnover cost will be greatly increased, and the production cost will be increased.

The ball mill and mixer are suitable for the crushing and screening of large ferrous metal ore. The ball mill is the main equipment in the beneficiation process, which can crush the large ore into small-sized ore that can be used for screening. The ball mill is mainly composed of a feeding portion, a feeding end portion, a cylindrical portion, a main bearing portion, a discharging portion, a discharging end portion and a transmission portion, wherein the cylindrical portion is an important component of the sintering machine.

The mixer is an important equipment for beneficiation. It is mainly composed of large ring gear assembly, roller device, roller device, roller assembly and pinion assembly. The barrel of the ball mill and the ring gear of the mixer are ball mills and mixers. The important components, the cylinder of the ball mill and the mixer mainly carry the crushing of the ore, and the ring gear frame is used to support the large ring gear to ensure the smooth transmission. The mill passes through the cylinder and the flange, and then connects the flange and the end cover; the cylinder and the ring gear frame of the mixer are also connected by welding, so the quality of the welding directly affects the mill and the mixer. Service life.

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