Multifunctional electric hoist installation and commissioning


The multifunctional electric hoist belongs to a kind of special electric hoist in a sense, and the application is very extensive. The following focuses on the installation and commissioning of the multifunctional electric hoist.

1. Before using the product, the user should check whether the machine is damaged during transportation, including whether the rain and accessories are complete.

2, check to reduce the box of oil, if the amount of oil is not enough to add butter before use.

3, check the steel wire rope and wire rope chuck is firm, all parts of the screw loose.

4. Before using this machine, the user must consult an electrician or a person who understands the general knowledge of electricity. The start and the machine must use the power switch (switch or air switch) and connect the 2-3A fuse in the knife. Ground protection (from the motor wiring in the ground) should be installed to prevent electric shock.

5, the machine must be installed limit switch, hanging hook lifted when hit the limit switch, the circuit cut off the lifting and stopping. And can not use the limit switch for a long time to stop hanging.

6. It is forbidden to overload the device and use it when it is used.

7. Before each time the machine is used, it should be powered on no-load operation to see if the whole machine is running well, otherwise it will stop using.

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